Citizen Militia Experiences Explosive Growth Following the Last Election

SHTF Plan – by Daniel Lang

Until the 1990’s, civilian run volunteer militias weren’t all that common in the United States. They were the fringe of the fringe in our culture. But after Waco and Ruby Ridge, their ranks swelled and they became a common subject in the news and in pop culture. Their numbers fell again under President Bush, and then grew to new heights under President Obama.

It’s an obvious pattern. Conservative militias multiply like crazy under Democratic presidents, and for good reason. When Democrats take the reigns of government, they always threaten to restrict gun ownership. They then decline under Republican administrations, when conservatives don’t feel as threatened.  

However, there may be a new trend emerging. CBS Atlanta recently did a piece on a militia called the Three Percenter Security Force (which obviously showed them in slightly negative light, given the source). The organization is run by Marine Corps veteran Chris Hill, who says that their membership has grown from a few dozen, to roughly 400 members since November. The Marine told CBS that the militia would protect the Second Amendment under any administration, and that “The government or law enforcement agencies, disarming people, it’s a constant threat.”

That doesn’t sound very different from the stated objectives of any conservative militia that has emerged since the 90s. So why is this militia’s membership growing so drastically during the early stages of a Republican administration? What’s different this time? The answer may lie in how the Left has responded to Trump being elected. According to Hill:

“The level of violence I see coming from these protests is alarming, I think that creates more of a need for people like us to be there,” Hill said.

Hill says, just as anti-Trump supporters have a right to organize and protest, his group wants to show their presence.

“We have a duty to protect, our freedom, our liberty, our constitutional Republic.” Hill said. “That responsibility can’t be deferred to you know Congress.”

So radical leftists and conservative militias are experiencing explosive growth at the same time, and neither of them are afraid to present themselves in the streets of America. While I do support the rights of militias, I have to say that this probably won’t end well.

11 thoughts on “Citizen Militia Experiences Explosive Growth Following the Last Election

  1. I hate cowards. “…this probably won’t end well.” implies that mister piss willy does not like the Patriot Militias and is “scared/concerned/can’t we all just get along” kinda shallow. Buy more ammo. Liberty1775

  2. This “Growth” didnt Just happen following the last election folks( FAKE)

    this movement or growth has been steady growing once people woke up to WACO, RUBY RIDGE, OK Fed Bld Bombing, 911, SANDY HOAX, Lavoy Finucums murder.. etc…and the fact many are sick and tired of being lied to .. and manipulated by this current regime and EFIO

    To me this sounds like we have them scared ..GOOD!

    go ahead shit heads light it off.. we will make sure its the last time you do anything … as if we havent been watching you try to gin up the race war..the Vote war.. hate Trump war..anything they can do to stir the shit..

    sure they want to show this movement in a negative light.. thats when you know they are shitting the bed .. I hope this movement grows to every 3rd household all over the USA, and finally gets entrenched in the WH to the point we regain our Republic

    maybe it will be the 3% that drain the swamp..and show ol’ squirrel noggin how its really done

    stupid idiots dont even realize they will be the first to bleed out
    support your local III%

  3. “maybe it will be the 3% that drain the swamp..and show ol’ squirrel noggin how its really done”
    Or maybe it will be millions of individuals who outright refuse collectives and arm, equip, and train as individual fighters who will drain the swamp and kill the alligators.
    The OathKeepers and the III%ers shit through the same FBI bat faggot hole. I do believe those were III%ers out of Idaho that were running the show in Burns, Oregon. They are Tory militia, organizing behind Trump and the War Powers Act that has removed our common law courts and our Bill of Rights. Personally I wouldn’t trust them in a shit house with a muzzle on.

    1. Agreed
      I should have been more clear

      Independent 3%ers
      Not affiliated with oathbreakers or any so called “group”

      But with the same values of our republic as the original 3% likened to 1776

    2. Also I should have added , all groups can be infiltrated.. its usually best to be a small group of like minded and well known individuals with no ties to a larger group that could be filled with Fed-coats in a plan to discredit or to take said group down

      just dont be stupid and be lead around by the nose on an issue you know not to be in the best interest of you, and your core values

      dont allow anyone in matter how they feel they can help your group

      I have 7 guys I would trust with my life, all known for years and consider them family (some are) .. thats my group going forward , and were not taking in any new “members”

        1. Im actually embarrassed to say , I forgot those 7 peoples support groups (their families , and close relatives )
          everyone counts

  4. defending yourself does not cause you to lose the moral high ground. Of course there is no valley to low when it comes to morality that the leftists globalist won’t take.

    remind them, as they call for more invasive violence that the Patriots of this nation didn’t buy all that ammo just because we had a bunch of money we wanted to spend.

  5. “While I do support the rights of militias, I have to say that this probably won’t end well.”

    Since going to war against this communist insurgency posing as our (so-called) ‘government’ is INEVITABLE, WHAT THE HELL DO YOU EXPECT?

    As long as it’s the Masons, commies & jews that it doesn’t end well for.

    We’ll do our best to see to it.

    Take a Valium.

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