Climate Change is for Real? – They’re talking about Investigating the Deniers? Get rid of the Private jets!

Since the beginning of time the earth has cooled and warmed. It’s part of the deal while living on this planet, whether the warming or cooling is being pushed faster into the next phase is a matter of which side of the argument you’re on. But, let’s just say for shits and giggles our government wants us to believe that whatever side they’re propagandist specialist are trying to spin, one thing is for sure, they want us to hate carbon dioxide.

A mega-rich CEO wants to fly Europe to America and he’s got his Gulfstream G-V sitting in the hangar, he wants to get to where he’s going fast, no delays. What gives him the right to make that trip with a C02 spewing private jet, especially when there are 30 or 40 flights a day flying from Europe to the United States? This is where all of the BS starts to come to fruition, the big guy with the big cash can do whatever the hell he wants, while countries like Canada are now saying that they are going to investigate climate change deniers. 

Do you have any idea what kind of CO2 a private jet spews from it’s engines? Especially while flying at 50,000 ft AGL? try 358-488 gallons of fuel per hour! @ roughly &2,153.00 per hour, depending on speed. They’re spewing this at 50,000 AGL, at some of the most delicate atmosphere levels, where the most delicate of protection levels are to protect from the sun.

It is said that there are carbon offset companies that partner with firms such as NetJets for example to make the private jet crowd feel better about themselves. To make them feel warm and cozy that there is another company somewhere else that have made a reduction in CO2 somehow, giving the cuddly feeling that there trip will somehow be magically justified.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

EcoSecurities is a business that sources and develops carbon credits and carbon offsets from greenhouse gas emission reduction projects throughout the world.

The company has offices in EuropeMiddle EastAmericas and Asia and has a large portfolio of green house gas emission reduction projects covering numerous countries and technologies.[1]

EcoSecurities was created in January 1997, 12 months before the Kyoto conference. After a period of organic growth, the company floated on the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange in December 2005, allowing it to grow its geographic presence by placing over 300 staff in 30 countries. Its portfolio grew to over 150 million CERs – the largest in the world at the time. In June 2007, the company raised an additional €100 million to expand into new markets, with Credit Suisse becoming a major investor. It trades in the international carbon market which was valued at €38 billion in the first six months of 2008.[2]

The former President and co-founder of EcoSecurities was Pedro Moura-Costa[3] and the former CEO was Bruce Usher.[4]

At the end of 2009 the firm was acquired by JP Morgan and is now an indirect wholly owned subsidiarly of JPMorgan Chase and Co. and can provide its clients with access to the scope of services provided by the bank’s Environmental Markets business in addition to those activities of sourcing and developing greenhouse gas abatement projects outlined above.[5] Following on from acquisition of EcoSecurities the company appointed Paul Mark Kelly as Chief Executive Officer of the company in December 2009,[6] when the company subsequently delisted from the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange.

“HeliumReport converts this fuel burn into carbon dioxide emissions per hour. If we assume the plane is fully loaded with passengers, they mostly come in at between 200-300kg of carbon dioxide put into the atmosphere per passenger per hour. But of course, the purpose of having your own jet is that you are not stuck with silly cost-cutting exercises like filling every seat on the plane.

I know of no analysis of how full private jets normally fly, but let’s assume they are mostly half full. That gives emissions per passenger-hour of 400-600kg of carbon dioxide. That’s about half a tonne.

How does that compare with a regular commercial flight? For one from London to Paris, which is roughly an hour, TerraPass reckons 59kg per passenger per hour, or little more more than a 10th as much as flying your own, half full, Learjet.

If you are interested in carbon emissions, these numbers are scary. An hour’s flight on a private jet will emit more carbon dioxide than most Africans do in a whole year.

But of course if you are a top executive, offsetting costs on average, according to HeliumReport, between 0.1% and 0.6% of the hourly hire cost of the aircraft. Small change, in other words.

This cannot be right. This is not the place to pursue the question of how leaky and unpredictable the climate benefits of carbon offsets often are. They have some value, for sure, but they are very much second best to cutting your emissions.

I blame the offsetters for the marketing of offsets as an alternative, even a superior alternative, to cutting corporate emissions. They get an easy ride from greens. TerraPass proudly quotes the green blog Treehugger’s plaudit that “we’ve always been impressed with the way TerraPass thinks beyond offsets to how they can actually encourage folks to lead greener lifestyles too”.

I’m sorry. TerraPass has a special part of its website dedicated to signing up corporate clients using private jets. I didn’t see any mention there of how, maybe, commercial flying might be better.”

When you have self center clowns such as below making 8000 mile trips in a private jet, just because he thinks his shit doesn’t stink, makes me wonder who REALLY needs to be investigated.

Leonardo DiCaprio took an outrageous 8000 mile trip in a private jet to pick up an environmental award

Green private jets? Don’t make me laugh | Fred Pearce

4 thoughts on “Climate Change is for Real? – They’re talking about Investigating the Deniers? Get rid of the Private jets!

  1. Which is why I write books not only about why accepting Christ as Savior is a good thing, but also books that mock celebrities, perhaps the biggest hypocrites on Earth.

  2. My bullets are all climate changey an stuff.
    Them stupid Canadians should probably try an take em.
    F–k you, Canada.
    I just farted and the wind is blowing from the south.
    Enjoy that methane.

    1. It is comments like this that make me feel that my time, efforts and money have been completely wasted here – Someone tell me I am wrong ???

      1. I don’t believe any offense was meant to any Canadian who is not a Canadian communist. And I know you, Jim, do not support the communist climate change, thus the comment was not meant for you.
        People are getting frustrated, which leads to people getting mean, but we realize that there are good people in Canada who would defy the communists and their doctrines.
        Don’t take offense.

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