CNN Gets Caught Red Handed Faking It With Police in Ferguson

fakenewscnnBefore It’s News – by Patriot Net Daily

In this video from CNN, it’s clear that the media is working with fake protesters and fake news into amping up emotions for the TV viewers.  Watch as the news guy cues the cops by pointing the Mic and saying “I think we’re about to arrested.  Then check out the woman behind the news guy yelling “We Got Rights!” over and over again.  She seems like one of these hired protesters to me.  But most funny of all is how the cops don’t mess with the cameraman who is behind the news guy!  It’s all for show!  The more I look at this event going on in Ferguson, the more I get the feeling that at the very least they are ramping up emotions to try to get people to riot around the country.  This news guy is a prime example of this tactic.  Totally staged!

3 thoughts on “CNN Gets Caught Red Handed Faking It With Police in Ferguson

  1. How many times does CNN have to get caught FAKING the news before they are shutdown permanently? Just one of those incidents is enough to take any other TV station or news station down, but not CNN. Goes to show you who controls them.

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