4 thoughts on “CNN’s Don Lemon actually said “we’re going to have to blow up the entire system ”

  1. even a stopped clock is right twice a day.. Don.. like all other commies are right again.. on so many issues BUT they want govt to fix it.. think govt is the solution and in so doing gives validity to the fraudulent govt.. making all their rights.. wrong. so many people are so close to having it figured out. if they just understood WE are the solution and GOVT is the reason for all our ills.. we’d have it cleaned up and straightened out forthwith.. post haste.. in a hot minute!!! but they won’t. never have. never will. which puts us right back where we are.

  2. Individual freedom, sovereignty and liberty never enters these maggots minds for the rest of us, only when they are living in their own little ivory towers do they believe nobody can transgress upon themselves. They think an authority exists that can somehow control us, modify, change or make mandates upon our rights, all with this magical voting.

    They think they are going to somehow get away with their treason against our bill of rights and sovereignty. Good luck scum, the Americans that really matter have not even made a move yet and that should terrify every one of you.

  3. There paid ass hole that never do anything for the money they make . In there life if they ever do any good let me know . Plus we don’t need are trust Word Out of hole . There paid monkey To put on a show

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