Coca-Cola Pushes New World Order & Gay Family Values

Before It’s News – by Pete Santilli

Coca-Cola is probably one of the most evil corporate entities on the planet. I am stating this as fact, I know this personally and first hand, and have more evidence to porve this than any other person on the planet.  They not only stole millions in overtime (via their computer system) from their hourly employees, they are slave laborers, and also involve themselves in assassinations such as in countries like Columbia whose abused workers wanted to bring unions in to represent the right, and Coke executed the dissenters.  

This ad is a product of one thing:  Coke makes so much money they can spend millions on an ad campaign to brian washing you into making them look good.

They are NOT anything close to a wholesome, responsible corporate citizen.  They are corporate criminals who will never be stopped thanks to their profits.  They can outspend ANYONE in legal fees.  Period.  They are much worse than big tobacco ever was.

They also know that I have many audio recordings of executives committing crimes and suggesting buy offs of school board members who wanted to remove Coke machines from campuses.  Coca-Cola has high fructose corn syrup in almost every single beverage, and they know that it’s bad for human consumption; not just children.  Despite that, they would ask their managers to take “bags of cash” to school boards to win the hearts and minds of those wanting to remove vending machines and cut into their profits.

The imagery in this ad which shoves gay sexual preference in our faces is despicable.  Although I have personally fought on behalf of gays to keep government out of the bedroom, why is it that they wish to rub gay sex in our faces?  Society & especially government should leave gays alone, but we should push back just as hard as they are pushing their sexual agenda on us publicly.

We are generally a moral, christian nation whose majority does not have have intercourse with the same sex.  It’s unnatural, and ungodlike.  Coca-Cola needs to stop catering to the minority, especially since they have such a propensity to present fiction as reality to the masses.

Coke is bad for you.  They steal from their employees, and treat them like crap. They strong arm their customers.  They push a “new world order” that is undemocratic.  They promote men putting penises in each others anuses.  This is all very wrong; yet very much closer to what Coca-Cola is really all about.

They will continue to spend millions to convince you otherwise, but this is the absolute truth about Coca Cola.  If you want to die prematurely, continue to drink Coke.  You are less likely to die from unsafe anal sex than you are from Aspartame poisoning & consuming high fructose corn syrup… but at least there’s a way to treat aids.

3 thoughts on “Coca-Cola Pushes New World Order & Gay Family Values

  1. Apparently amerika has no white population unless it’s gay. Nothing but black, brown and “jew” in this ad. Never drank their crap anyway but it is good of them to make it so easy for us to despise them.

    1. LOL, well what can you expect when there is a gay wanna be president. 😉 Yea Martist, there are plenty of crackers and whuites here in amerika. Now though it just seems that it is the fad to be a fag queen. Not my turn – nope not for me them girly/gay boys. ew. time to get out the barf bag that makes me sick thinking that that seems to be the direction amerika is heading in.

  2. WELCOME Coca-Cola!!!!

    You just made the Official Tactical Report List for, “Hall Of Treasonous Filth!”

    These are companies that have been indentified as needing to be officially recognized each and every day for their contribution to the wanton destruction of this country by its appalling support for the communist/NWO/Destroy America agenda (which uses the Gay-Agenda, as its bockbone strategy to undermine and decimate the moral values of this country…)

    My Fellow Patriots:

    It’s Official!

    Coca-Cola has now publicly declared,… ON ITS OWN,.. that its find you,… Americans,… real families and American values that made this country great,… to be repugnent and a target for destruction.

    We will now make Coca-Cola a target,.. and extoll people to NEVER buy another Coca-Cola product again.

    Thanks Coke,… you made it so easy to figure out your communist ideals and agenda.

    Coca-Cola IS a TREASONOUS FILTH Company that has betrayed this country, us, and every moral and basic ideal that this country was built on.

    JD – US Marines – This is easy since all Coke makes is sweetened poison anyway.

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