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Published on Jul 17, 2013 by FURI MuSiK

What is Freedom to you ?
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Freedom from our own minds. This is the real essence of personal freedom. Unplugging ourselves from the mindless chatter, the traditions, the memes, the doctrines of our societies and everything that comes with them. In the end, we internalize the sociopolitical matrix and we become it, without even noticing it. This is what is meant by the now famous phrase Free your mind. No matter how much financial or political freedom someone may have (or believe that they have), they are trapped by their own mind-thoughts, which, in the end, are not their own at all. They were all arrived at second-hand.

Freedom from the compulsion of constant and endless thinking is real freedom. Think about it, (LOL) all the time you spend in your mind, all the while, missing what is right in front of you, your life ! Embrace your surroundings and accept where you are, because its the only thing that is REAL ! Anything else that is not right in front of you, only exist in your mind !

Turn off you’re SmartPhones, you’re TV’s & computer for a while, & remember, the only authority that any human being has over you is the power you give them in your mind! The very second you look past their imaginary rank or position, the colors of and shapes on their attire, and look at what’s behind this accepted imaginary status of authority over you, you can see a person=(Legal Entity) for what they are, just another human being that has no more power than you do…

Calm your mind and enjoy the life that is unfolding every second right in front of you !

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