Colorado reaps $2.1 million in taxes, fees in first month of recreational pot

A bag of marijuana being prepared for sale sits next to a money jar at BotanaCare in Northglenn, Colorado December 31, 2013. REUTERS/Rick WilkingReuters – by KEITH COFFMAN

Sales of recreational marijuana products in Colorado added more than $2.1 million to state coffers in tax receipts and other fees in the first month retail sales of the drug were allowed, state figures showed on Monday.

The figures, which the Colorado Department of Revenue said were in line with expectations, add to just over $1.4 million collected in taxes and fees on medical marijuana in the state in the same month.  

The figures for recreational marijuana include revenues from a 2.9 percent sales tax, a special 10 percent tax on retail pot sales and a 15 percent excise tax imposed on growers, as well as licensing fees, the department said in a statement.

“We expect clear patterns will emerge by April and plan to incorporate this data into future forecasts,” said Barbara Pohl, executive director of the department.

Voters in Colorado and Washington state legalized the possession and use of small amounts recreational marijuana by adults age 21 or older in 2012, even as marijuana remains an illegal narcotic under federal law.

Colorado opened its retail pot shops in January, and Washington is slated to follow suit later this year.

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25 thoughts on “Colorado reaps $2.1 million in taxes, fees in first month of recreational pot

  1. The PTB knew that this was going to bring a lot of tax revenue. That is a no brainer. It should be leegalized now and look at all of the tax money saved by not encarcerating people on these drug laws that do not work any way.

  2. I am no expert, but it seems to me that the good people of Colorado still cant grow their own. This “legalization” is nothing more than a money scheme for the government. If they really want to legalize may jane, make it legal for all to grow and use as they see fit. I don’t smoke it, but if I can drink my beer, why cant someone else smoke a joint.

    1. you’ve got it brother. It is, and always has been about the money and control. It is an herb of the field, and should not be controlled in any way.

    2. That`s right Bulldog. The laws against it are ruining a lot of peoples lives I damned wellknow it did mine way back in the mid. sixties back when it was the evil devils drug, yea the liers – we knew it was beneficial back then and we know it now today.
      Just think of all the people that would be medically helped by it being legalized and not only that but all of the damned dope dealers that would be put outta business. 🙂
      Yea, they PTB do not want to legalize it and they know exactly why !!
      And I think that should be for all natural things like mushrooms peyote ect. ect. But above all Marijuana if nothing else.

    3. You can legally grow 3 flowering plants per person and have 3 growing without flowering, no limit on wattage (one 600watt light could grow a plant that would produce several pounds). That means you can harvest 3 plants every 11 weeks. A couple could do 6 plants. Three people in one house could harvest 1 plant of several pounds every week. That’s over 150Lbs of Cannabis a year. That’s no joke at all. If you so much as whispered to a stranger you had it available for re-numeration of 100 per ounce it would last all of half of a day before cash would show up at your door. Pay the taxes and I can’t see where it would be at all illegal. You can find kick-ass houses in the country for 14k too.

      1. Yes maybe several lb.s of wet weed. you dry and cure it so you are at about 15% – 20% water weight and you will have a more realistic weight. .Yea, you are talking a wet plant not a dry and cured plant.
        I used to be a grower for many many years both indoor and out doors and you are talking about ideal growing and experienced growers at best. I haven`t grew for number of years but I still do talk to people and your info is for only the very best of the top of the line conditions and the best of experienced growers. You are also most likely are talking shake included in that amout.
        I still study the new growing technics and your info is not accurate for dried and cured bud – you are talking wet straight off the plant along with the shake with the stems and stalks.
        I do stay up to date with this kind of stuff.
        Also this is in colorado where you can grow. Not everywhere in the country. You get caught growing even one plant here in Wi. and you just may be on your way to prison unless ya start talking – I know that from personal experience as I know some squakin` rat snitches

        Yea, I wish that I could stil grow but due to unavoidable circumstances I cannot be so lucky 🙁

  3. They’re going to make a whole lot more once they start pulling over people and busting them for DUI (of pot).

    Unlike alcohol, it stays in the system for 30 days, so once they run your plate, see that you have a medical ‘license’, they can then stop you, demand that you take a blood test, and PRESTO!

      1. The money’s got to come from somewhere. If you’re not working, you’re most likely on the so-called ‘government’ tit.

        Unless you’re blessed enough to be self-sufficient. Most aren’t.

        1. Actually #1, I think this cris is pure bull judgeing by what he was talkin` above @ 7:01 above.
          150 LBs of cannabis a year is pure bull !
          He is also talkin` about cannabis and there is a difference between cannabis and marijuana when it come to smokin` quality and cannabis is usually refered to as hemp quality. plus 150 lbs a year – yea right soaking wet maybe, and we all know it needs to be dried and cured to be smokeable and sellable at its best.
          I think that he means to be staying at home and being a dope dealer selling the “cannabis”.
          As you know me #1, I pretty much do know what I am talkin` about when it come top Herb and it isn`t just from reading a damned book like this Chris guy seems to be getting his info. from.

          1. Yea it was late, I meant about 120-150k in donations from about 50Lbs from 3 people. Sorry, I was baked out of my mind. It’s strange how you assume I’m not self sufficient, I naturally assumed you all were. Dope dealer? What a shitty brainwashed thing to say as it’s legal here and never should have been illegal but yet you say “dope dealer” with such a negative connotation. This is natures most healing herb and to be able to provide it to my friends and neighbors is a blessing.

          2. Well now then just how do you support your self then.
            Yea I do mean dope dealer with negative connotations as I do not respect or like dope dealers. Herb should be free and allowed to be grown by all who want it.
            I also have been around for many years and I learned by experience and like I say, life here is not like it is in Colo. where you can grow a few plants legally. Where I am from ya get caught with just one plant and it is a manufacturing charge of a controlled substance along with other charges.
            Yea that 150 lb.s a year of of even 6 or 9 plants is pure BS Chris unless you are talking shake, stems, and wet weight.
            Oh I do now what I am talking about . I just got tired of doing time for other people, and getting ratted out by low lifes.
            Yea just what strains are you growing to get that kind of yeilds cause you are the first that I have ever heard of getting even close to that kind of yeilds of dry cured bud and I do study and stay up to date on the latest grow technics even though I do not grow anymore.
            Yea, you say donations – well that is just a fancy way of sayin` dealin`. donations my ass. 👿

          3. cannabis is weed.
            marijuana is a legal word for the cannabis plant under the maritime legal system.
            Marijuana is illegal but cannabis is natural and lawful under natural law.

  4. I bought a cord of wood from a couple of guys and gave them a nice jar (ounce) of Durbin Poison just to be nice. They come back for more a few weeks later, am I supposed to just give all my stuff away? A slippery slope indeed. I don’t need the money, I’m retired but I’m not the free weed factory either. Would you be the dick and just say no, leaving them jonesing when they came all this way and said yours was the best they ever smoked? That’s not neighborly. They told their neighbor about it and smoked them up and now they are outside to get some too. That’s how it works. I’m not on CraigsList! The Cannabis/Hemp/Marijuana advice comes directly from this site and Santos Bonacci, do you actually read and watch the articles or just comment? I get about 2.5 Lbs of great bud and another 2Lbs of trim per plant and that’s about average anybody can achieve. My calculations are screwy for sure. I get all screwed up when trying to figure pounds, ounces, money, number of plants etc…Sorry for that, I’m growing gardens, raising dogs and chopping wood these days so not a lot of calculating going on. I don’t have a bank account or any pressing bills due on any schedule so number don’t mean much to me. I know how many MPG my motorcycle gets and that seems to be the most important thing in my life. Oh I’m not a kid either, I had a full and rewarding career.
    I just re-figured and my numbers are in fact correct. If you harvest one plant a week at 2.8 Lbs that’s about 150Lbs a year at a 9 week Indica cycle. 3 people in one house could do just that, totally legal. The book I read was the Emperor Wears no Clothes and I actually met Jack Herer and had him sign it and picked up some of his own brand of Sativa while I was at it.

  5. @ chris 7:50 – Sorry Chris but I do a lot more than just read and watch the articles or just comment – so FU chris with that comment you donation taker. I am done with you
    In fact I have got a phone call from other people – from people that just like this site that do not comment here – that seen your quantities and they think it is also BS unless you are talkin` wet weight.

    So on that note I am done with ya you youngster. Eat crow you phoney.

    Oh yea I did give away a lot of herb for years that was some of the best.
    You take donations in exchange then it is the same as dope dealin` and others think the same in my area too.
    I have never not even one time sold, traded, “took so called donation like you” , or made deals for my buds by the way chriss like you do so you can call your donations what you want, you sound like a damned politicion sayin` that politicion donation crap like you do. I`m done with ya and I mean it bye.

  6. I have no idea why all the hostility and name calling. Even a little tiny bit of research on youtube will unearth multitudes of 2.5 Lbs indoor closet harvests and much bigger outdoor harvests. It takes 8 weeks to 11 weeks to go from veg to fully ready to harvest. This gives you more than one harvest per year. The Colorado laws are there on Wikipedia for anybody to see. The math is sound. Santos Bonnaci did explain clearly why you want to always refer to it as Cannabis and not Marijuana. I remember watching the whole hour+ long video on this site. As far as the weight I see where you are coming from because if you truly knew the truth as I do and as that young man living in a friggin tent on the 5 acre parcel behind me knows there would be a mad rush out here I would not like to see. Educated people can do the math, they’ll just look up California Lightworks LEDs on Youtube and find out for themselves. I bought it for over 20 years before I grew one plant outdoors for less than $100 that will last me for years. Light determines yield. Cure it in a jar and put it away it never goes bad, it’s just like money in the bank. Sorry you’re so bitter. I honestly thought the readers on this site would like to know the truth. I left LA to live the life prescribed on this site, not because of this site but because it’s obvious, I call it repentance. I give away a few Tomatoes and Carrots too but if I gave it all away I’d starve. Back when you were growing it it was illegal and you were breaking the law, that puts you in the wrong, not me. Your ideals and intentions are very noble and I’ll be sure to direct people to your house to get some supplies when the SHTF because your no “dealer”. Why sound so old, btw? The wealth of information available on this very site can nurse you back to good health and vigor, then you can come out here and go riding in the mountains and smoke some Cannabis:)

  7. Like I said chris I am done with ya. You are too much on the right hand side of the law as you called me a law breaker.
    Well I kept the faith and I do know the truth as I have known many like you that talk youir talk and soon as the going gets tough you spill your guts and will do what ever you have to to avoid jail or prison.
    I am done doing time for punks cause I kept my mouth shut, you said something to effect that youll send people in need over to my place well chris you do that andI`ll be hunting you down .
    Back off me chris, I have known far too many like you – hence that is where I got my bad attitude from, you have no idea of the devil you are bringing up!! you back off me. BYE !!

    1. Iv grown in and out.
      Never got more than a single lb off an indoor plant.
      On outdoor iv gotten over 3lbs dried and cure from a single plant times 24. They where 15ft tall and looked like a big xmas tree. Iv got pics. OG Kush. AND only from seeds. F clones.
      As for lights on indoor iv only used 1000w times 2 and total yield on a 1kw light is about a lb in the real world.
      When I here people say they harvest 2.8lb per plant, per week, and indoor, off a 600w light I laugh and move on. Also having a rotating crop where you harvest one plant every week sounds like BS.

      The real test of a good grower is how they dry and cure. But all the loud mouths who say they grow never have a clue how to that right. Iv even had partners that want the dry times to be days not weeks and skip the cure. Too bad so sad for them.
      Im with ya digger. Chris is embellishing.

  8. I understand your anger, I really do, I think everybody should be as angry as you, and myself. Just don’t direct it at me, that would be misdirection. My whole intention was to convey the possibilities of getting off the grid, out of the rat race and start trying to enjoy some of the best of life has to offer for those willing to actually do it. I personally think Cannabis is one of those things along with the fruits and vegetables grown the same way. I fail to see the difference in any of it. A life in the city working for the sanitation department is easy compared to homesteading or starting from scratch but after just a few years of working on your own home you’ll be living large. I help all the old people up here Digger, I’d even help your angry ass, give you some weed…but not too much! People like to take advantage. Peace out brother Digger.

    600 watts is 600 watts and this same yield can be accomplished with a single plant. The only thing you have to take my word for is that people will beat a path to your door to get some. Be serious though… I tell you right now it’s dry, dry, dry and I see them loosening up the laws even more and why not?
    Nottoobitter: I’m with you but until then I’m trying to stay within the written laws. I’m too old and too pretty to go to jail and what a crappy time to be going. All this free time and weed too.

  9. I never said I did that. I’m only growing for myself and doing a half-assed job at that not even growing what I could. But what I am growing is very impressive. I’m saying 3 people in one house ( a normal situation), harvesting their max IS 9 plants every 8-11 weeks, that’s an average of one a week or 52 plants a year, is it not?? You can grow more than 3 plants a year per person! A single person can grow 3 plants every cycle!! The video above well illustrates what can be accomplished with a single very inefficient 600 watt light of which most is lost through heat and spectrums of light that cannot be absorbed by the plant, that’s why you go LED (california lightworks). You can’t be suggesting the video above is anything but an average grow who’s owners are rightly proud of but it’s in no way near what can be accomplished even though the buds are about to tear the plant down. You see the finished product is in jars so you can bet it’s not “wet”. I’ve proven without any doubt what I’m saying is true and correct. From Wiki: “Since the enactment of Colorado Amendment 64, adults aged 21 or older can grow up to six cannabis plants (with no more than half being mature flowering plants), privately in a locked space, legally possess all cannabis from the plants they grow (as long as it stays where it was grown),[1] legally possess up to one ounce of cannabis while traveling,[2] and give as a gift up to one ounce to other citizens 21 years of age or older.”
    That’s the law. I personally don’t like the complications of money and trade for goats milk and cheese, seeds, fertilizer, other weed, old cars and Motorcycles, cords of wood, slabs, stuff like that. Anybody could break away and do the same thing. Also to correct you it’s 600watts per plant or 200watts LED per plant. Just to clear up the confusion. That would be 1800 watts LED and 5400 watts for MH. But you could fill up the rest of the space with herbs and vertical grows and stuff and really eat well and completely forgo the money spent at the grocery store.

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