Colorado Springs Massacre: Cops Identify Victims and Shooter

People – by Steve Helling

Authorities have released the identities of the people killed in Saturday morning’s shooting spree in Colorado Springs, in which the shooter killed three people before he died during a shootout with police.

The first person shot was Andrew Alan Myers, 35, who was riding a bicycle. Witnesses said that he begged for his life before being killed.   

Colorado Springs Massacre: Cops Identify Victims and ShooterThen, according to authorities, the gunman walked about a half mile with a rifle in one hand and a revolver in the other. He allegedly found Jennifer Michelle Vasquez, 42, and Christina Rose Baccus-Gallela, 34, chatting on the front porch of a home, and shot them both.

“This continues to be an active investigation,” the Colorado Springs Police Department says in a statement to PEOPLE. “Detectives are still interviewing witnesses, collecting, and analyzing evidence.”

According to authorities, several police officers confronted the suspect, Noah Jacob Harpham, 33, at the scene. The shooter then “fired several shots at the officers,” according to the police statement. Cops returned fire.

“The suspect is deceased,” the statement continues. “We do not believe there is any further threat to the community.

Two days before the shooting, the 33-year-old gunman posted a rambling online video and blog post in which he ranted about politics and religion.

In the blog post, he denounced his father’s involvement with a particular pastor who he believed was cultish. He accused the pastor of being a “Satanist” who was guilty of “controlling your mind and keeping you unaware of the Truth of your own sovereignty.”

The shooter’s mother, a freelance writer, had written a book that claimed that her son had a long struggle with substance abuse and addiction.

The names of the Colorado Springs Police Department Officers involved with in the shooting will be released later this week.

7 thoughts on “Colorado Springs Massacre: Cops Identify Victims and Shooter

  1. Walked half a mile with a rifle and pistol after shooting someone and police didn’t see him before a half a mile where he shot 2 more? Seriously? In this day and age where the zionist police dogs are on high alert for any active shooter calls it took half a mile? Sounds like BS to me. Oh, and of course the “keeping you unaware of your own sovereignty” thing fits right in line with the script. Why am I’ll not surprised he was struggling with substance abuse and addiction? SSRI’S anyone?

  2. Another active shooter….GR8. Why don’t these people active shoot
    at the county jail or police precinct. Better yet, the Injustice center courts. Take out a few Judges and BAR members.
    Then kill themselves.
    Now we would be getting somewhere.
    Instead of a Batman movie. Fk.

  3. jamal, I agree, I live in the area where this happened, the police report seems a little unrealistic.
    “according to authorities, the gunman walked about a half mile with a rifle in one hand and a revolver in the other.”
    Half a mile? I don’t think he would get 1/8th of that mile just after shooting some kid and strolling down with weapons for everyone to see, especially with the extreme upticks in police numbers around here. Hell, I didn’t even know there was a shooting that even happened until I got home at 1 AM that night and checked this website. My job also consist of driving down these areas.
    I’m not saying we don’t have a lot of weird folks around, we definitely do, just seemed really out of place when I read the story. Seems even more out of place going down the report.

  4. “… post in which he ranted about politics and religion.”

    He probably ranted about Jews running politics.

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