3 thoughts on “Comet Ison ALERT- Government Shutdown Preperations & FEMA Coffin Purchases

  1. Can anyone tell me what the significance of the guy’s message in the video where he believes that the reason why the government shutdown was to hide comet ISON and that Mars was forming a comet coma or something? What does he mean? Why would the government care or be afraid if the comet is even shown at all to the public around the world? So it’s a bright object in the sky? What’s the deal? Can anyone elaborate on the 4:40-5:40 mark in the video? Am I missing something?

    1. Who really knows. Remember, we are governed by those who think that no crisis should go to waste. With the gearing up of FEMA region three, I would only assume that they will make some sort of false flag event to only benefit their agenda. EMP, a false natural disaster, it’s anyone’s guess. I would think that this would be prime timing for them to proceed with the gun grab.

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