In Two Cities, Two Men Tried To Light Themselves On Fire

Man-taken-into-custody-after-trying-toPatriot Net Daily – by David Badash

A man who poured gasoline over himself and lit himself on fire Friday around 4:00 PM ET on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., died hours later. Reports state another person was present and had set up a tripod, presumably with a camera to film the act. There are no reports the the man, who has yet to be identified, said or did anything that would indicate his motive.  

But one week before the D.C. self-immolation was drawing national attention, most news outlets missed an eerily similar act was attempted 1400 miles away, in Houston, Texas.

Reports state that in Houston, Friday, September 27, another man whose name has not been released, poured a red can of gasoline over himself and tried to light himself on fire. He was unsuccessful and passersby stopped him by gaining control of the lighter he was using. He was taken to a hospital. That happened at about 5:00 PM local Houston time.

Friday afternoon rush hour in downtown Houston took on added drama when a man in a business suit doused himself with gasoline and tried to set himself on fire. view full article

It’s extremely rare for acts like these to happen in the United States. They do happen, all too frequently, in some Buddhist and Hindu cultures, as political protests, in India and Tibet, for example.


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