16 thoughts on “Comfy and cozy

  1. Nice. Is this the lodge area? Hot cocoa and Bailey’s Irish cream anyone?

    We’re running the A/C here in Texas.

      1. yeah, isn’t that funny? A.C. in April? I’ve never even seen an A.C. unit for sale at stores here, because you don’t even need them in August.

        And yes, I’m still making heat, too.

  2. I am so fkng jell us.


    What’s next…?

    A picture at the spa getting a rub down with two hot asian babes….?

    Eating Chinese food…?

    Reading a fortune cookie…that sayz.

    No happy ending hear…thatz next door.


  3. Mark, it looks like you’re ready to kick back and sip a few cocktails.

    Glad you guys had a good time.

  4. Snowed this morning, were just kicking back. Got up at 4am, drank some shine, had an awesome breakfast, passed out an hour later, 1hour nap. lmao.

    Woke up Henry and Laura playing cards, big smiles.

    1. wow — sorry to hear you guys are still getting snow there. I think that’s over for me, but I hate to say it (jinx) because there’s no telling when I’m going to get a foot of snow dropped on me.

      I may need a nap myself today.

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