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    1. LOL, #1. Yes, that was a good one (however, I was referring to Mark’s post 😉 )
      I had to shake my head when I read this one (I’d expect it in NYC but not TX):
      Heard a song today at my favorite Pub that I haven’t heard in years. “Ball of Confusion (That’s What the World IsToday)” by The Temptations (1970). Amazing how the lyrics still apply today. I’ve been looking for a version to post but I haven’t found just a clean recording with the lyrics (don’t care for the various posters’ visual interpretations).

      1. I had that one on cd. It was sent out in the collections, I think.

        Yeah, I was surprised that was in TX too, but I figure that commie sleazebag probably moved there from CA or NY.

        I’d LOVE to have photos of that defining moment when all these stupid cows come to the inescapable reality that they’re about to be raped and murdered because they were gullible enough to believe all of Big Brother’s lies & propaganda… and the fact that they can do absolutely NOTHING about it, BECAUSE THEY’RE UNARMED!!!


          1. See? I just knew it was #1 in the pic above. Well, the buzz throughout the entire Pacific Northwest is that he is a master of disguise. It’s kind of a secret so we’re asked not to tell anyone. I’m only tellin’ you, Angel, k? The fact is, it’s a well known fact that he dons up to 15 different disguises in any given month. Sometimes it’s just full camo with all accessory gear. Occasionally it’s any variety of Elvis attire. Once he was spotted twirling a cane wearing a top hat and a classy formal tails tuxedo complimented with shiny patent-leather shoes. This might have been a Fred Astaire complex. Last I heard, he showed up at Dunkin’ Donuts in nothing but a whale-tooth necklace and a loin cloth, carrying only a bow and arrow; this was in the dead of winter, adding more to the local buzz concerning his peculiarity and his taste in clothing. So I still say that’s him in the picture above, though that’s a rare sighting as he’s known to be quite elusive. That’s him alright, all the evidence is there.



  1. Somehow botanically it’s related to strawberries. Great research between tokes. Once legal half the appeal will be gone. HAPPY HOUR ended years ago. This Happy Hour will give you an appetite and no sloppy slurring driving.

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