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  1. They’re probably going to have to shoot that 75 pound boy because he’s definitely a threat to all three of their lives.

    1. Do you see that left hand in the air? It looks like surrender to the average person, but a trained professional can see that he’s poised to deliver the karate chop of death to all three of them.

  2. All three are facing away from the camera to hide how aroused they probably are arresting their latest victim.

  3. One of the signs that you are living in a culture and society that is in collapse is when your civilian police is nearly identical to your military forces. What compelling reason is there for police officers to be uniformed to look like combat troops?

  4. It’s not real.
    Look at the middle cops pistol mag well its empty.
    Also the guy kneeling has a great hair cut along with his excellent position of his hands to be cuffed.
    They are all cops training at some mall.
    If it was real that guy would have a boot on his neck and several bullets in his body already.

  5. He even danced the macarena for them, but they still arrested him. They don’t like the macarena in HELL.


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