Companies Behind Collapsed Miami Bridge Have Checkered Safety Records


The two construction companies that worked together on the bridge that collapsed near Miami on Thursday have a history of questionable practices and accusations of safety violations.

Munilla Construction Management, which was contracted on the project, was sued just 10 days ago over the collapse of a temporary walkway the company built at Fort Lauderdale airport. The firm is constructing an expansion at the airport. The lawyer for a TSA agent who works there says when her client stepped onto the walkway, it collapsed under his weight, leaving him with several broken bones. The lawyer says the company was warned several times that the walkway had problems.  

And the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has cited Munilla for at least seven “serious” safety violations in the last five years. That’s as far back as online records go.

The other company involved in the Miami bridge project — FIGG Bridge Group — has a record of its own. At least four workers were injured in 2012 when a portion of a bridge under construction collapsed. The state of Virginia fined the company for the collapse.

As of Thursday evening, at least four people had died because of the Miami bridge collapse. Munilla and FIGG both said they would cooperate with investigators.

One thought on “Companies Behind Collapsed Miami Bridge Have Checkered Safety Records

  1. A country plagued with the mind set that hiring the low bidder , and not the highest qualified is murdering us at a rapid pace

    As a Heavy Industrial Contractor, I run into this every Fken day of my life and its a sickness

    I plan on using this as an example , the next time someone says my price is too high ,I’ll throw this on the table , than walk out
    Im past the point of giving a fck anymore

    anyone want to buy a business?
    My EMR is a .74 and I have had Zero time lost due to injuries for my entire company
    but I just dont come cheap

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