Complete Cooper MP3 Collection

Hour of the Time

Here are the Hour Of The Time audio broadcasts of Bill Cooper, in MP3 format. We have had to post them in a reduced quality format due to bandwidth constraints, but they are all complete broadcasts.   

With some legal constraints and holds being finally off our back as of the 10 year anniversary of Bill Coopers murder on November 6, 2001, we were finally able to move full speed ahead on many of the projects we have wanted to complete…and this is one of them.  Below you will find the complete catalog of William “Bill” Cooper’s Hour Of The Time broadcasts, linked to an MP3 version for your listening, research and study.  Besides the recent posting of the BAPH Audio Book and the MP3 collection posted below, you will be seeing a lot of projects released in the coming weeks and months.

Part 1 of 5 – Hour of the Time Episodes 1 through 400

Part 2 of 5 – Hour of the Time Episodes 401 through 800

Part 3 of 5 – Hour of the Time Episodes 801 through 1200

Part 4 of 5 – Hour of the Time Episodes 1201 through 1399

Part 5 of 5 – Hour of the Time Episodes 1400 through 1926

Complete Cooper MP3 Collection

William Cooper Behold a Pale Horse – Audio Book

3 thoughts on “Complete Cooper MP3 Collection

  1. Cooper has given some outstanding truths but he held onto the sacred jew cow and Christianity so fervently it blinded him to larger ones. There was a whole lot wrong with him before the government had him assassinated but you can find some gems hidden in those archives.

    Two things I never agreed with him on was his claim that there is no division of church and state which he was most adamant about. Second was calling down those who would take up arms against the government, we can all see how well such beliefs worked out for him in the end: a tombstone.

  2. I learned three very important things from listening to Cooper, then and now:
    1. the evils of Talmudic Jewry, the Synagogue of Satan, and Christian Zionism (I was once a Christian Zionist, 1998-2006)
    2. the evils of Christian Identity (before I was Christian Zionist I was, to some extent, Christian Identity, without the racism part, from 1992-1998)
    3. White slavery, aka indentured servitude, actually happened, and not just sex slavery either. That I am likely descended from indentured servants just wowwed me.

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