7 thoughts on “Jewish Woman Screams at & Threatens Non Jews Goyim

    1. Wow, it really did sound like a demon.

      While fighting instincts to just get up and choke her, I think if I were sitting on that bus I just would have started singing Silent Night. And if others joined in, I’d have added on a harmony.

      The times are exploding and the devil is exposing himself more fully. Maybe this will make it easier to catch him and send him back home.

      Wow. Ugly knows no bounds.


  1. Move along. ..nothing to see here. Just another joo trying to tell you just how insignificant YOU are and they are supreme just for having existed. Just a thing, and if you take offense, it’s because you’re “antisemitic” and we’re not just a bunch of pollacks and miscellaneous western Europeans masquerading as people heralding from the middle east hiding behind a cult based on satanism, we’re “chosen”.

    Old and young alike, I’d like to die of exhaustion from beating these bigots to death from my bare hands until I couldn’t possibly beat one more to death.

  2. So I wonder why these fine chosen people have been thrown out of 190 countries over the years.
    There will be no peace as long as these animals exist.

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