Complete Demolition of Key “Hero” Story Of The Boston Bombing – The Carlos Arredondo Fraud

Before It’s News

“The Art of War is Deption” – Sun Tzu

This stuff will not go away.  Ever since I learned how to get six guys together with bows and arrows, start feeding the chickens and step away slowly while releasing arrows straight up into the sky; ever since I learned that one gun in every firing squad carries a blank; ever since I discovered that it took 52 000 rounds of live fire to kill one Viet Cong; ever since I learned that ’Thou Shalt Not Kill” is embedded in the brain of every human being, I have wondered how our ‘rulers’ get people to kill each other.

4 thoughts on “Complete Demolition of Key “Hero” Story Of The Boston Bombing – The Carlos Arredondo Fraud

  1. I usually never take the time to watch full length documentaries but I did watch this one yesterday morning/late evening coincidentally before it got posted here?! It really is a prime example of just how deep in doo-doo we are if we let these alphabet soup agencies continue to do business in our country. The level of manufactured “news” and propaganda being fed to us makes communist Russia look like a bastion of freedom anymore, WTF

  2. Um…Gutierrez needs to learn his history. 1. He is not pure, he is mixed with european spanish and possibly other european decent. 2. Indian tribes did defend their territory. If the mexican natives attempted to enter Apache territory, they would have been met with resistence. One of the maps showed that they planned to take land up into Sioux lands?? That was never theirs. They are nothing but racist, lying, revisionist bent on invading a nation and building an empire. I do not believe any US tribe will support these scum, in fact I’m sure we would fire upon them.

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