Computer Glitches

A friend of mine who works for Citibank came into the same restaurant for lunch that I happened to be having lunch in on Tuesday.

We got to talking and she was explaining how all the tellers were having to perform the customer’s transactions the old fashioned way . . . by hand. She was hoping her drawer would balance at the end of the day.

I asked her why and she said because the computers were down all day. I did a search today and sure enough, this is what I found:

Yesterday (Wednesday) I went to the Post Office, their computers were slow and glitchy.

After my chiropractic appointment, I had lunch at a Mexican restaurant that posted a sign on their door saying they couldn’t take debit or credit cards . . . cash only.

Yesterday morning when I went to log into my email account through the AT&T login page, it said that page was down so I had to log in using Yahoo’s login page. I wonder what’s going on?? I can’t seem to find anything other than what I found out about Citibank but still I don’t know the reason.

Test run maybe??


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  1. I have issues even on this site … like when I go to edit something I’ve typed incorrectly .. it doesnt blue out the word completely to be deleted Ive had to delete every word behind the one spelled wrong and retype everything there after

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