What Shelling of Civilians Looks Like Up Close

Russia Insider – by Damir Marinovic

Frequent reports in the media of civilian shelling can be desensitizing.  After the 20th headline, one just isn’t shocked the way one was the first time one hears of it.

The mind involuntarily, callously murmurs, “so what else is new?”

Well here is a video to remind one what this shelling actually entails.  

This was taken a few minutes after Ukrainian artillery obliterated a bus stop in downtown Donetsk, a densely populated city of 1 million, on Oct. 1.  The weapon was an Uragan rocket, a very powerful field munition.  (See photo below)

The attack occurred during a ceasefire.

The video shows dead and wounded civilians, young and old, and the shock and horror of those trying to rescue them.

Deliberate targeting of civilian areas or indiscriminate shelling is a war crime contrary to Article 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, which forbids collective punishments of civilians.

Devastating firepower. Uragan rockets at a recent military parade in Kiev.

This is just one of hundreds of videos showing Poroshenko’s government doing the same sort of thing, again and again.  No material has been produced showing the Resistance doing anything remotely like this.

The western media is finally starting to wake up to this reality.  There were important admissions by Human Rights Watch, The New York Times, and others on Monday, and Reuters last week.

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