Connections between Freeway Ricky Ross, the Bush Administration, and the crack cocaine epidemic

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The drug kingpin Freeway Ricky Ross became known as The Wal-Mart of Crack in Los Angeles during the 1980s by becoming the largest supplier of drugs in the area, without his initially knowing that his source of drugs was a CIA agent connected to the Iran-Contra scandal associated with George Bush and Ronald Reagan.

This compilation of video clips from the documentary film The American Drug War: The Last White Hope details the circumstances of the connections between Ricky Ross and the CIA, showing how the connection was publicly exposed in the media and then largely forgotten by the public while CIA drug trafficking continues.

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One thought on “Connections between Freeway Ricky Ross, the Bush Administration, and the crack cocaine epidemic

  1. George Herbert Walker Bush, walked away from the presidency as the most successful cocaine dealer ever to breathe air. He knew exactly what he was doing, unlike the buffoonerish Reagan, or the mentally retarded G. W. Bush. Yes, the latter two were in on it, I believe, unbeknownst themselves but underlings, like good ole’ Ollie North, who went south of the border to run the drug operations and money laundering.

    Or, maybe Reagan and G. W. were fully aware and just turned a blind eye since it accomplished their goals.

    There is no honor in high office anymore. The system is rotten to the core.
    I recommend we burn the place down, kill all the rats as they try to scatter, and start over. “Ya say ya want a Revolution?”

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