Cop Pulls Gun, Threatens to Arrest Man After Accusing Him Of Cutting In Line At RedBox Kiosk

The Free Thought Project – by Cassandra Fairbanks

Knox County, TN– Sgt. Paul Story of the Knock County Sheriff’s Office will reportedly not be disciplined after pulling his gun and threatening a man while off-duty and in line at a RedBox kiosk.  Audio of the incident was captured when he called 9-1-1 to request an on-duty officer’s assistance.

The obscenity-laced exchange began when Sgt. Story accused Timothy Nelson of cutting in line.  

When Nelson asked why the officer was doing this, as he brandished his weapon and threatened him with arrest, the officer replied with an abusive rant.

“Because you’re a bitch.  You think you’re somebody. You’re not. Just shut the hell up. I’m done talking to you. I want someone else to come out here and talk to your dumb ass. I’m going to put you in jail is what I’m going to do.” Story is heard saying.

After the incident, Nelson threatened to file a $25,000 lawsuit, but ultimately decided to accept a settlement of $2,500 from the department.

That’s right, despite the officer being off-duty at the time of the exchange, the settlement will still be coming from the pockets of the taxpayers.  We are apparently not only responsible for footing the bill over their bad behavior when they are on duty, but we are responsible for their reckless antics off the clock as well.

To make this even more troubling, Nelson never filed an official complaint before accepting the settlement. Therefore, no investigation will take place.  This means that despite costing the tax payers money, this officer will not be disciplined in any way.

A search for the word settlement on The Free Thought Project will horrify you at what this nation spends while in many cases allowing these nightmare cops to continue to roam the streets.

When will Americans put an end to this and tell the police that we don’t want to continue to pay for their violence and wrongdoing?

This is yet another example of why it is imperative that we fight for professional liability insurance for police.

Doctors, who are required to carry it, become uninsurable if a company has to shell out too many settlements, this makes bad doctors unemployable.

If officers were responsible for their own actions, instead of taxpayers footing the bills, not only would it free up a whole lot of tax money, but officers may be inclined to protect their wallets and behave a little better.

3 thoughts on “Cop Pulls Gun, Threatens to Arrest Man After Accusing Him Of Cutting In Line At RedBox Kiosk

  1. There is a law about brandishing a firearm.

    Nevermind the threat to shoot someone…

    Cops & pols can act with impunity as they desire

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