Cops Caught on Video Breaking into Family’s Backyard, Killing Dog in Front of 2-Year-Old Girl

Free Thought Project – by Matt Agorist

Fresno County, CA — A cellphone video surfaced this week showing two Fresno cops, breaking into a locked yard and killing a family dog.

Police were apparently responding to a call from a neighbor about a crying baby when they broke through the family’s fence and entered their backyard. As they walked into the back yard, they completely ignored the “Beware of Dog” sign and the “Guard dog on duty” sign, and they ignored the dog himself.  

Carelessly ignoring all these signs, the two officers frightened the family pit bull whose name is Face. Instead of attempting to get out of the yard they were trespassing in, one of the officers kicked the dog, then drew his weapon and fired several times into Face.

As the other officer became startled by the shots, he fell backward over the lawn furniture. The officer who initially fired then walked over and put one more round into Face — for good measure.

After hearing the first set of shots, the homeowners ran toward the sound. Their two-year-old daughter walked out behind them just in time to see the officer put the last round in her best friend.

It’s a good thing the two-year-old didn’t startle these officers.

The family has since set up a Facebook page to raise awareness and seek justice for their beloved dog Face. On the page, Face’s owner explains in his words what happened.

This morning a fresno county sheriff’s deputy shot my dog five times…..In my back yard ….Behind a locked gate in front a a two yr old kid …..
You know i used to believe that cops were good …Supposed to be honest and protect you and stuff….But latley i have has deputies lie in reports they have written….Lie on the stand and n9w tresspass into my backyard ….Threw my locked gate….Kick my dog then shoot him five times in front of a two yr old kid they were here to protect because of a neighbors complaint of her crying for 30 min…..Wth right
why not knock on the front door perhaps….Or read the sign on the locked gate that says beware of dog ….Guard dog on duty…..Or look threw the chain link fence and see if the child was in any danger….Which she was not ….Untill she was hit by the door as i ran towards the sound of gun shots by my window…and the deputy not only shot my dog but chased it down shot it again in fron t of myself and the kid

On Wednesday, the family posted a response that one of their supporters received after reaching out to the Fresno police about their most recent puppycide.

The supporter asked if the officer who shot Face would be punished, to which the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office responded:



There you have it. The video captured the entire incident from beginning to end, and the sheriff’s office responds in typical police fashion.


7 thoughts on “Cops Caught on Video Breaking into Family’s Backyard, Killing Dog in Front of 2-Year-Old Girl

  1. ya this can’t happen any longer. action not words must be initialized.

    where are the people of this country?

    i’m afraid they have been drugged into a coma stupor.

    this public servant must be punished

    1. If people go out and stand up to these thugs they end up dead and made out to be radical lunatics. We really need that hundredth monkey. The cops seem hell bent on speeding that up. Every day they add to the list to the number of people that won’t kiss their asses.

  2. These JBT come near or in my fenced yard, posted and shoot my dog. All of them will be hunted down like the animals they are. We need to start shooting and killing them NOW. Hello Amerika

  3. It’s not a matter of this one dog. What’s most important to notice is the cavalier attitude displayed while committing these acts, which shows us that’s it’s something they do all the time.

    One stinking pig bastard in Indiana is known to brag about killing more than 25 dogs. In another police department on the west coast, the pigs get themselves celebratory tattoos for every human they kill.

    What we’re seeing is a culture that promotes, encourages, and takes pride in the murder of innocents, and it’s from this segment of the population that they’ll search for (and find) the people who’ll put a bullet in your head and drop you in a ditch with for no reason, and suffer no remorse for doing so.

    It’s very similar to how homosexual tendencies are looked for in soldiers, and this aspect of their personality is used to control them, and move them up the ranks to more powerful positions. In the pig population, they’re looking for the most cold-hearted sons of bitches they can find, because there are a lot of Americans they will want executed.

    1. I observe more behavior such as the type your describing, not just with the pigs, but people in general, especially our youth, seem to be much more aggressive in their societal and interpersonal relationships. It was never as rampant in my youth but there’s a lot more people and technology today and both will continue to grow, until the curtain falls and everyone sees “The Emperor Has No Clothes.”

  4. Well that cop-calling neighbor would be dead, assuming I didnt wack the pigs as soon as a shot rang out in my back yard.

    If I cant shoot in my back yard then the pigs can f off.

    If my neighbors ‘dogs’ can bark/squeak for hours, loud as shit, why can my rifle not bark once? My rifle is at least protected by amendment2 and the word dog appears NOWHERE.

    should it not have been the crying baby who got whacked??? The baby was the noise complaint.

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