Corey Feldman Stabbed in Possible Homicide Attempt

Complex – by Danielle Corcione

The Lost Boys and Goonies actor Corey Feldman says he was stabbed Tuesday night by a stranger.

TMZ reports the stabbing was inflicted in the 46-year-old’s abdomen. Three men approached Feldman’s car while driving in Los Angeles‘s San Fernando Valley. Feldman had a security guard present in his own car, but the guard was distracted by the three men when another car pulled up and the attacked jumped right out.

The attackers quickly fled the scene and Feldman was rushed to the hospital to treat his wound.

The LAPD is currently investigating the incident. Feldman tweeted authorities are pursuing the case as an attempted homicide.

Feldman also mentioned the threats he receives on social media from a “vile ‘wolfpack'” and explained Tuesday night’s incident was a result of such comments.

According to Page Six, Feldman testified in favor of the Child Victims Act, which if passed, would allow sexual violence survivors more time to sue their abusers in the state of New York. Feldman is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and has been vocal about seeking justice for other survivors.

9 thoughts on “Corey Feldman Stabbed in Possible Homicide Attempt

  1. Now they’re saying there are no visible injuries, I think Corey is one crate short of a full load.

    1. Latest report said there were no lacerations but there was “some redness on his midsection.” Perhaps his clothing prevented greater injury?


        1. Yeah, a little of that, but still blowing whistle, even if it’s not as loud as many would like it to be.


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