Countries living under Holocaust denial laws

“When you cut out a man’s tongue, you’re not proving him wrong. You’re simply telling the world you fear what he may say.”    — Unknown

7 thoughts on “Countries living under Holocaust denial laws

  1. Russia is completely understandable.

    They need people to focus on the (bogus) # of jews ‘killed’ in the (bogus) Holohoax, rather than the more than 10 TIMES that # REALLY murdered by the STINKING BOLSHEVIKS.

    And yes, THEY’RE stinking TOO, being EDOMITE jEWS!!!!!

  2. SHOA…..Today is Internatonal Holocaust Rememberence Day. First they came for….then they came for….then there was false flag after false flag…bombing hoax after shooting hoax after Mandalay in our faces. They continue to get away with it. Never ever give up that 2nd Amendment. Even Miss Frank knew in the heart of most people is good. She got exploited too. The same banking families…intermarriage each other and other dignitaries and politicians and the nepotism. Same ones that killed Czar Nicholas II…..killed JFK….so many others….Will Trump be next?

  3. Isn’t Canada one?


    The saddest part of the “holocaust” was that it NEVER happened. Please take a moment of silence to remember something that didn’t happen but should.

    1. Got my answer:


      It’s complicated–while Holocaust denial as such is not illegal, it has been persecuted in terms of hate crimes/hate speech, as in the cases of Ernst Zundel and Jim Keegstra Amin7b5 03:09, 14 May 2009 (UTC)

      The Canadian Supreme Court has acquitted Zündel twice. Keegstra was convicted, but he did not stop at denying the Holocaust. Therefore, Holocaust denial is legal in Canada. /Strom 15:59, 4 June 2009 (UTC)

        1. i highly recommend tomatobubble. just ’cause you don’t agree, doesn’t mean he’s wrong. (not you, just a general statement). everybody thinks what they think for a reason. THAT’S what i want to know, the reason! Henry believes in nukes and a globe earth (as does the vast overwhelming majority!) i do not. BUT i never miss the broadcast and read the site daily. Henry is a patriot as is Mike King.. in different ways but patriots nonetheless. and i can live with that!

  4. Gee… can I make a law that tells everyone that it’s illegal to deny that I’m Number 1 in the world? If they do, they will go to prison for life or will be hanged.

    Sound reasonable enough? If the Jews can do it, then so can I, right?

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