Craziest Fireball Ever Seen Over Germany!

Published on Jan 19, 2014 – by Dahboo777

This object was observed over Germany ! This object resembles a Downed Ufo or Aircraft of some sort that still has control of it! Never have i ever witnessed a meteor that makes sharp cuts multiple times! ..Never ! I think its a Ufo / Ovni that has been shot or something and its going down ! Either way ,…Crazy Fireball!

6 thoughts on “Craziest Fireball Ever Seen Over Germany!

  1. I agree, this one is a tough call. I have never seen a fireball turn. I am hoping BPearthwatch will make a video on this and give his opinion, he is good at all the dynamics when it comes to earthbound “things”. The last few nights there have been quite a bit of fireballs, over the UK, US, Saudi, and now Germany. Pretty interesting.

    1. That could be. I am hoping someone that knows how to dissect these videos, does so very soon. Usually BPEarthWatch is very good at this, maybe he will talk about it on his show today.

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