Upcoming Military Drill Off Limits to Reporters

Activist Post – by Brandon Turbeville

In keeping with the ever increasing trend of military and law enforcement cooperation and the growing prevalence of civilian police forces conducting drills with military forces, South Carolina’s Richland County Sheriff’s Office has announced that it will be engaging in joint training exercises on Monday and Tuesday with unidentified units from Ft. Bragg.

The exercises are scheduled to take place on Monday and Tuesday and will run up to midnight on both days and will take place largely in Lower Richland, near Eastover and Hopkins.  
Exercises are also planned for the areas of Screaming Eagle Rd. near Elgin and North Richland County very close to outbound Monticello Road.

Beyond this information, however, very little else is known about the upcoming shadowy training exercises. That is, except for the fact that they may be very loud and possibly alarming to the local residents unprepared for or uninformed of them.

According to the State newspaper, reporters will not be allowed to “view or participate” in the exercise.

Clearly, simulated combat will be a part of the drill due to the fact that residents are being told not to be alarmed by the sound of gunfire or “ordinance.”
According to the Sheriff’s Department press release, “Citizens may see military and departmental vehicles traveling in and around rural and metropolitan areas and may hear ordinance being set off or fired which will be simulated/ blanks and controlled by trained personnel.”

The release also stated that the exercise was being held “Due to Sheriff Leon Lott’s longstanding commitment to making sure that deputies are trained and prepared for every event and potential threat and his desire to assist the military to ensure their preparations.”

It is worth noting that Ft. Bragg hosts some of the U.S. Army’s more elite units such as Special Forces as well as more elite airborne and aviation support units.

Ft. Bragg is also home to the elite Delta Force.

Brandon Turbeville is an author out of Florence, South Carolina. He has a Bachelor’s Degree from Francis Marion University and is the author of six books, Codex Alimentarius — The End of Health Freedom7 Real ConspiraciesFive Sense Solutions and Dispatches From a Dissident, volume 1and volume 2, and The Road to Damascus: The Anglo-American Assault on Syria. Turbeville has published over 275 articles dealing on a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. Brandon Turbeville’s podcast Truth on The Tracks can be found every Monday night 9 pm EST at UCYTV.  He is available for radio and TV interviews. Please contact activistpost (at) gmail.com. 


12 thoughts on “Upcoming Military Drill Off Limits to Reporters

  1. “South Carolina’s Richland County Sheriff’s Office has announced that it will be engaging in joint training exercises on Monday and Tuesday with unidentified units from Ft. Bragg.”

    No red flags here.

    “According to the State newspaper, reporters will not be allowed to “view or participate” in the exercise.”

    Move along folks, nothing to see, nothing at all……………

  2. Would it make a Goddamned difference if reporters were invited?How could government incite war without soldiers?How could parasites survive without a host?It is unfortunate that we support our own slavery while looking to the parasite for our salvation.We dutifully depart with our wealth to pay the very thieves who mock us. I don’t need to be there to report that.We have met the enemy and it is us.

  3. Sounds like a perfect time for media to rent a room from a homeowner and film what they want. Private property baby, get lost or get a warant.

  4. Its the same sheriff that arrests the homeless.
    I live several counties away…..but know folk in the area who might be able to provide some intel on this. Its going to be, hmmmm….interesting to see what plays out here.

    Seems we are making the news a lot lately…but not for good things.

    1. oldvet,
      Please get all of the intel that you can. When I was in the Army, this was unheard of. We trained ON BASE only. There was no training outside of the confines of a training area. THis is becoming too commonplace.

      1. My point exactly, Bulldog! What the hell are BASES used for if you are not training on them? It’s bullshit! And it’s even more bullshit that no one, especially the MSM is not even questioning something as simple as this. You’ll always hear about how great they are on the streets, but never question why, all of a sudden, out of all of these years of not seeing them on the street, that you see them now? Maybe because it’s ILLEGAL and UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!! But nope, they’ll just say, “Well, because of the high level of terrorist threats, the military is forced to show themselves more and more in public outside their bases in order to get the necessary training they need if and when the time comes.”

        BULLF**KING SHIT!!! Police State/NAZI/Communist rhetoric! That’s all it is.

        It’s high time we take our country back! The people should find the homeless and give them a gun to help as well and to find out where the police are taking them and free them from their concentration camps. The people should be doing what the Mexicans are doing, which is taking back their cities from these corrupt drug dealing, power hungry, treasonous bastards!

        The time to act is NOW! Wake up, South Carolina!

    2. did a ride by our local armory…..lots of movement…..many road work vehicles like graders and such ( previously unseen and not normally assigned here) and many concrete barriers that are used to block lanes on the highway and such… am assuming its in coordination with the state maneuvers in Columbia ..

      Haven’t heard much news from my “local” friends in the area yet,…other than seeing numerous “vehicle” traffic out and about……but thats common up around Ft. Jackson.

      Also of note* a similar incident occurred back in the fall between Richland County LEO’s, S.L.E.D…..and FT Jackson MP’s to control traffic and crowds during a Play-off Game in Columbia. Getting the Public sheep used to extensive Military presence.

  5. theres always a way to get inside info if its wanted bad enough, the fact that they arnt disclosing any info should be a red flag to get it any way necessary

  6. “According to the Sheriff’s Department press release, “Citizens may see military and departmental vehicles traveling in and around rural and metropolitan areas and may hear ordinance being set off or fired which will be simulated/ blanks and controlled by trained personnel.””

    Hey Sheriff, do you even know the Constitution that you swore an oath to? IT’S ILLEGAL FOR THE MILITARY TO BE ON THE STREETS UNLESS THERE IS AN INVASION OR INSURRECTION!!!! What the hell is a matter with you??? ARREST THE BASTARDS FOR HIGH TREASON!!!

    And even if it was legal for some strange reason, it’s COMPLETELY illegal to not have the reporters there and goes against the 1st Article of the Bill of Rights, so again, DO YOU EVEN KNOW THE CONSTITUTION AND THE BILL OF RIGHTS, YOU STUPID F**KS??? Someone fire these assholes and as for the community, gear up and kick these sons of bitches out of your neighborhood by force! It’s time we take our country back!! They started it, and we are going to finish it!

    If these bastards and the MSM use the excuse and say, “well, we are here because we heard some people getting out of order”, they can go F**k themselves. No one believes their shit anymore. Once again, they started it, so it’s time we finish it!

  7. By the way, is this near the South Carolina Power plant that is leaking? Maybe this has something to do with it in the form of a drill and why they don’t want the reporters there to cover it if they think it is serious.

  8. Day two coming to a close and not much to report….most activity was done in the “boonies” or on Federal or county property. Some road activity due to units needing to traverse back and forth and about. Some “witnesses” claim to have seen Community roads being locked-down or check points enacted….sorry but I couldnt verify any of it…seems it was always a story from a friends friend who heard a friend……etc. etc…….anyway.
    There are and have been vehicle movement out and about around Columbia but thats not unusual at all,..and also the interstate runs parallel to the entrance gate of FT. Jackson. so military transports and HumVees are seen near daily 24/7 365.

    As most of you Vets know, any US Military base that is a training facility will hold drills and training maneuvers at very frequent intervals and can been seen out and about on the roadways………ever see a NG caravan dooking up the highway?…then you know what it looks like here at the moment……not heavy…..just small contingency transport movements as of now…….I have not witnessed but 2 since this began and neither had more than 10 to 15 vehicles in concert.

    I grew up just a skip and a stones throw from The Camp Lejeune Marine base in Jacksonville N.C. back during the 1960’s….I lived in The beach town of Wilmington N.C. and we had 6 Military facilities within a 90 mile radius….. I am more than accustom to Military drills and movements that go on near daily at and around these training facilities….that and I also spent several years with Uncle Sugar myself.
    These “trainings” go on monthly as new candidates move up thru the programs….its an ongoing event thats been happening since….well I guess back to WW2…even more so here in the South since we have an over saturation of Military bases in our states.
    With all thats going on in our secreted guberment these days I will not tell you that this is 100% pooh-pooh and a non-event…….but from what Others and myself have looked into,…this seems to be more of the same old-same old..sh*t thats been going on for years…….around military towns more often than not,…city and county Law Agencies have hosted and trained with our military for years.
    Not saying that some” Need to know only” training isn’t happening,..but the general consensus around here is that some FEAR PORN Reporter got all gung-ho and has tried to make a name for himself by blowing the “FACTS” a little overboard.

    Same old training shit that we always have had….so go back to sleep?

    Hell NO…but calm down everybody….dont need any lilly livered arm-chair GI Joe’s shitting their pants

    Just stay vigilant and report TRUTH and not Fuggin HYPE…we got enough of that shit with the Beck’s and the AJ’s.

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