52 thoughts on “David Hogg’s March For Our Lives Speech

  1. I think we have just seen the Coming out of the ANTI-Christ. Possibly the beginning of a New Hitler. Possibly Stalin? I would be willing to say his nicknane is Damien.

  2. get out the vote speech…get them registered hahahahaha ……fools

    “The person who writes for fools is always sure of a large audience.”
    ― Arthur Schopenhauer

  3. I could no more listen to this @ssclown than I could AJ.

    The agenda is crystal clear, at any rate.

  4. [Warning Bad Limerick]

    There once was a boy named hogg.

    Who was feeling jumpy like a frog.

    He said enough is enough.

    My cheez bawlz are tuff.

    Then boned Emma Gonzalez like a dog.

    This comment was brought to you by your local animal shelter.

    Remember. ..help us control the pet population.

    Have your hogg spayed or nutured.

    Now back to our regular sponsored programming.

    1. Ha! Here’s another bad limerick:

      There once was a girl with her very own gun

      was very unpopular and feared by some

      Then she learned how to shoot

      and gave bad guys the boot

      Now she hunts down tyrants for fun



      1. Hey….

        I’m the court jester hear.

        I deem that fkg fun e.

        Executed with precision and rapist wit .

        UR killin me….

        Ahhhh….I don’t know how much more of this I can take.

        1. Take ye then, that which is given
          the word, the thought, the all-forgiven
          There the friend we’ve never met
          There the mystery in time set
          A jester in a desert sits
          and like a shoe a mind that fits
          perceives his sweet intention


          1. Stop it…

            Stop right now.

            My testicles are very tender and very vulnerable due to trauma.

            Please ..

            Tip toe on my ballz.

            While you’re trespassing on my morals and values.

            This is like listening to a priest.

            In a Catholic confessional.

            While you confess your sins.

            And he’s masturbating behind that little opaque holed window.

            How’s that for a punchline.

            Don’t take this personal.

            I love Galen…

            Keep it up.

            They need us.

            If it wasn’t for people like us.

            They can’t justify their own existence.

            Because there is no opposition.

          2. Limericks, eh? Hey can I interpose a haiku here?

            David Hogg’s a pig
            A javelina is he
            Garden? I shoot you!

            (Note–a Haiku is a Japanese styled poem with seventeen syllables–five in lines one and three, seven in line two.)

  5. Somebody give this punk a nuclear wedgy…How many people do you know with a triangle for a head?

  6. The only thing those fools are marching toward is their graves.Lead,copper and brass are soon to become the most precious metals.It’s a good thing that every patriot I know has plenty of it.
    Molon Aabe!

  7. what i got from this is these snowflakes are about to go full retard and there will be attacks on gun owners and on people who have different political views unlike we have ever seen… they about to start some shit is what i got from this whole march today.

    1. I agree, and it may seem a waste of time to watch their slick and memorized speeches, but we have to know what they’re floating out there in order to counter the rhetoric. Here’s one more highlighting some points of their agenda. I call it: Register to vote and up with pencils:



      1. Why aren’t they out marching and being outraged at the millions of aborted babies yearly?

        What a bunch of pansies and girly men!

        1. Katie, I saw a very disturbing video (and wrote a post about it and two others on my blog, click the DL. link to my wordpress blog) the other day about a restaurant in LA that actually serves placenta from aborted babies (and maybe the babies as well) and guess who eats there? Hollywood celebs! The place is called the Cannibal Club, and, since it is clear to me Hogg wants to be one of those celebrities, maybe that’s why he’s not marching against aborted babies or pedophilia or the “grooming gangs” we have here. Calling these folks “girly men” is being charitable–these folks are flat out Satanists. (And believe it or not, Katy Perry actually admitted to eating human meat on radio, in one of those videos).

        2. Katie, I saw your comment yesterday and got all bottled up inside. Then after sleeping on it, I came to see that this is a discussion that really needs to be had. I had a friend ask me about my stance on abortion. I was reluctant to answer but this is what came out:

          I do not want the state involved in any decision-making on this issue. It is NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS!! But were I to write a book about it or to counsel a woman regarding it, I would give counsel against it. Not only for what the unborn child agonizingly suffers but also because of the repercussions of violently interrupting nature. Deep trauma on the body, even though we are told otherwise.

          And there is report after report on the psychological impacts on the mother and father. Some reference a sense of loss that never goes away and a gnawing guilt. How easily we (myself included) were sold this agenda by those who need help with their eugenics and with destroying families. It was sold as the coolest and most liberated of “choices.”

          I’m sure you know I could go on, and yes, I do believe it’s murder, though I know that is a highly criticized stance. And for those who have realized they were had, I do believe forgiveness is ever available. I just want to thank you Katie, for bringing it to the table. It kind of called me out, forced me to say something. For the children, for humanity and for our spiritual destiny.


          1. galen, my point in saying this is based on the fact that more babies are murdered per yr. than people murdered with guns, that is, outside the cops of course.

          2. I see. And Katie, I’m glad it’s held up for comparison, and I might add, as destructive as war.


  8. I can’t watch (or listen to) this little faggot. He needs a beating regardless of what he says here.

    BUT:…. he does present an interesting dilemma. He only weighs about 80 lbs. Is he heavy enough to break his own neck when he’s hanged? Might need to chuck him off a roof with a longer rope or something. The gallows might not do it,

    What does his lapel pin say? Looks like “We Call BS” but I can’t be sure.

  9. You are looking at a future president, attorney general or some such, if they get their way, unless he royally pisses them off.

  10. A new Fuhrer is Born.
    Put a Brown shirt and a swastika on that little pig and tell me if you can tell the difference.

    What you are witnessing is the face of the New World Order. Mindless young people with no understanding of history bringing down a nation.

    1. Agree. He is apealling to many of the youth raised in cities and suburbs. If he stays as face of the movement and remains political…
      He speaks of doing away with districts to break the more powerful voting blocks. The rural folks who are weapon friendly arr actually becoming the minority.
      Florida now has a law allowing them to, confiscate, and ban someone from having weapons based on restraining orders or police saying he is unstable.

  11. Hail Mary, full of grace
    Show thou me an angel’s face
    for I have tread into a land
    where vibrations understand
    And now my rest I take for me
    For morning is my destiny


  12. I live in a small town here in Florida and the percentage of veterans is the highest in the state. Most of us including myself are CCW, we don’t play that anti gun bullshit here. Just look about waist level at a gas station, store or restaurant and you can see a handgun print if you look hard enough. We don’t have much crime here outside of the pillheads and DUIs but they all keep their shit to a dull roar in their circles. Most folks know enough to don’t start any shit and there won’t be any. This is a low crime gun totin town and we like it that way and the cops seem to agree they can spend their time in other parts of the county.

  13. Couldn’t watch the video or those Galen posted with celebrities. I really really do not want to hate these people for wanting to enslave us (while they have body guards). But to counter their utter horse-s**t, I wrote on my blog the other day (part of my blog post) about Hollywood celebs being cannibals. Go to the DL. link above to read it, starting about half-way down. Now, celebrities have the same right of free speech we do (even if they want to shut us down), but I truly believe these folks need to encounter a spirit of kharma here considering, yes, that so many of them are actually cannibals. Here they are, all multi-millionaires able to afford the best organic free range beef (Kobe beef cost well over $100 a pound), and they feel they must eat humans?

    As my novels about a rock band that accepts Christ shows, it takes a lot for uber rich celebs to repent because they have it all, but hopefully some of them do at some point–but it’s gonna take a lot for the, to understand just how evil they have become. We can aid them in this effort by boycotting their so-called music or whatever in the name of the fact that cannibalism just won’t do! Nor will their Satanism!

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