David Rockefeller Busted as 911 and JFK Cover-Up Mole

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Right there, Mr. Rockefeller: it says it all. No one believes your phony interview where there is the claim that you were surprised and shocked by 911, when the buildings came tumbling down.

If there is pride in doing evil, if you are so confident in yourself, why, then, was this cover-up video, as linked here, perpetrated?   


‘I never thought it would be possible for those buildings to come down, since my lawsuit to demolish them collapsed when the NJ Port Authority claimed it would lead to asbestos contamination.’

“I was in my office at 30 Rockefeller Plaza…on the 56th Floor, looking south. I actually was there and saw the buildings collapse.” What, both at the same time? How about a bit of emotion, a bit more detail, some real shock instead of that phony, whiny voice?

davidrockefellersaw davidrockefeller-hoax.

Go get ‘em Mr. Rockefeller, we believe you.

He alone had the power, connections, and force to do so.

Here is that wretched one spewing lies about 911, incredible: it was his demolition, and the fraudster is attempting to act as if he was in shock. Other people were in shock who didn’t have advance knowledge. Not so with this fabricator, who is the controlling force for the detonation of those buildings.



The Zionist mobster was also the controlling force over the Warren commission, placing key Rockefeller and Zionist moles at the head of this white-wash, Allen the “Rockefeller spy” Dulles and that other vile one, John J. McCloy, special counsel for Rockefeller concerns.

Official photo of Warren Commissioners. Allen Dulles is seen second from left. To his right is John J. McCloy, lawyer and troubleshooter for both the Warburg and Rockefeller family.

Here is a younger Rockefeller himself with his agent McCloy, who is also, as noted, a key associate and even friend of Dulles.

From Clifford Shack: “Allen Dulles’ best bud, John McCloy,is shown here with David Rockefeller and Chase Manhattan executives after he successfully merged the Warburg’s Manhattan bank with Rockefeller’s Chase bank. Contrary to the popular ad slogan, JFK did not have a friend at Chase Manhattan and that’s putting it mildly.”


His control over the Warren Commission is tantamount to hard proof that Rockefeller himself called the assassination, all the key Rockefeller cabalists, including Nelson.



Terminally submissive stooge John J. McCloy was just the man Rockefeller needed once the hit men would “do their job.”A top Rockefeller leutenant, McCloy acted for decades on the family’s behalf as an adviser to presidents and dictators. He even shared a box with Hitler and Goering at the 1936 Olympics.

The mechanisms were already in place. With Zionist agent LBJ installed, McCloy was appointed as a member of the Warren Commission, purely for the purposes of disguising Rockefeller’s crime.

McCloy’s long list of associations with the family included chairing Chase Bank, 1953-1960, as a partner in Rockefeller oil adventures, where he operated out of One Chase Manhattan Plaza, as a president of the World Bank. He was also Chairman, Council of Foreign Relations for an incredible 16 years.

A terminal deceiver on rare occasion he blunders a revelation such as when he said with forked tongue, speaking for the great ones who pay his massive wages that it was of paramount importance to “show the world that America is not a banana republic, where a government can be changed by conspiracy. In other words, the common people will never be able to unseat the Rockefeller cabal and its Rothschild handlers merely forceful or even through their votes.

Here is McCloy with the rest of the losers, the other six hacks and fraudsters, of the Warren Commission, as they present the phony report to President Ford.

In later years the criminal element with the great ones of the German republic, again on behalf of Zionist Rockefeller:

John J. McCloy (middle) with German President Karl Heinrich Luebke and Chancellor Konrad Adenaue

McCloy makes an absolute fool of himself, here: a true baffoon. He makes a foof of himself. Notice how he said that he found the whole claim of the Ruby hit to be unbelievable, even bizarre.

Rockefeller is a Zionist Jew and monopolist thug, as is the spymaster and assassination coordinator, Allen Dulles, also Jewish. This proves that, once again, it was strictly powerful, influential Zionist Jews who were the chief plotters of the brutal, ruthless murder of a well-respected and admired sitting President of the United States, John F. Kennedy.

Now, for a key revelation from former Reagan attache and blogger, Morgan Reynolds, one of the first people to observe the fake nature of the claim for plane strikes on 911:

Rockefeller connections to the assassination of a president include:

C. Douglas Dillon was JFK’s and LBJ’s Treasury Secretary (1961-65). Dillon is an overlooked “person of interest” because the Secret Service was critical to JFK’s violent and public death because it lowered its shield on that fateful day in Dallas so assassins could do their job. Treasury Secretary Dillon supervised the Secret Service.

Since Kennedy won the White House by the narrowest of margins, likely courtesy of Mayor Daly in Cook county Illinois, he thought it politically expedient to retain many top Eisenhower appointees. The Kennedy administration therefore was riddled with Rockefeller people—Secretary of State Dean Rusk (President Rockefeller Foundation, Club of Rome, CFR), CIA Director Allen Dulles (Wall St. Sullivan & Cromwell lawyer, Mr. Coup d’etat Assassin, CFR, Warren Commission cover up), disarmament negotiator John J. McCloy (“Mr. Establishment,” CFR chairman, Warren Commission cover up), cold warrior National Security Advisor McGeorge Bundy (Yale Skull and Bones, CFR, Ford Foundation President), and Paul Nitze (Dillon Read VP, Navy Secretary).

OUR ADDITION: That’s just what the Rockefeller cabal does, create the nightmare, tyrannical act, and criminal enterprise and then when it is exposd, like Rockefeller’s MKUltra program, produce the expert panel, a wholly owned subsidiary, to ‘investigate’ it:

United States President’s Commission on CIA Activities within the United States

Swearing-in Ceremony of the Rockefeller Commission, 1975: Members included Nelson A. Rockefeller, Lyman L. Lemnitzer, Ronald Reagan, Edgar F. Shannon, Jr., David W. Belin, John T. Connor, C. Douglas Dillon, Erwin N. Griswold, and Lane Kirkland (Wikipedia)

Swearing-in Ceremony of the Rockefeller Commission, 1975: Members included Nelson A. Rockefeller, Lyman L. Lemnitzer, Ronald Reagan, Edgar F. Shannon, Jr., David W. Belin, John T. Connor, C. Douglas Dillon, Erwin N. Griswold, and Lane Kirkland (Wikipedia)

Who was Treasury Secretary Dillon? He was son of C. Clarence Dillon, a wealthy international banker whose firm, Dillon, Read & Co., was closely allied with the (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:C_Douglas_Dillon.jpg) Rockefeller financial orbit.

Caption: 100% a compromised, bought-and-paid-for hack, mole, and cheat.

As a youth Dillon attended Pine Lodge School in Lakehurst, New Jersey along with three brothers of David Rockefeller—Nelson, Laurance and John III. Dillon continued at Groton School in Massachusetts and Harvard where he graduated magna cum laude in 1931. At Dillon, Read he worked with James V. Forrestal, a former bond salesman who became president of Dillon, Read in 1937 and later Defense Secretary in the Truman administration.

Also at Dillon, Read was General William H. Draper, Jr., a eugenics and Nazi supporter who blocked the pending postwar Allied break up of the Nazi corporate syndicates after WWII. Dillon, Read was the most profitable of all Wall Street syndicate managers handling German industrial bonds for Hitler in the U.S. capital market.19 President Eisenhower appointed Republican Dillon U.S. Ambassador to France in 1953, Under Secretary of State for Economic Affairs in 1958, and Kennedy appointed him Treasury Secretary in 1961. Dillon continued to serve LBJ as Treasury Secretary until 1965. A close friend of David Rockefeller’s brother John D. III, Dillon became chair of the Rockefeller Foundation 1972-5 and president of the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, a Rockefeller project, from 1978 onward. He also served as vice chairman of the CFR.

Secretary Dillon lied under oath to the Warren Commission because he claimed President Kennedy ordered the Secret Service to lower its protective shield for him, thereby blaming the victim. This widely circulated lie by selected Secret Service agents and authors is best summed up in Dillon’s Memorandum to Chief Justice Warren dated December 18, 1963: “… the President had frequently stated that he did not wish to have the agents riding on these steps [on rear of limousine] during a motorcade and had repeated this wish only a few days previously to agents assigned to him in Tampa [Florida].” Video from the Tampa trip falsifies this whopper. On November 18, 1963 Dillon’s Secret Service Chief James J. Rowley contradicted his boss by testifying before the Warren Commission: “No President will tell the Secret Service what they can or cannot do” (Our addition: Who does, then, David and Nelson Rockefeller?)  (p. 470).20 Why would Dillon lie? The obvious motive would be to cover up the truth about JFK’s assassination and role of the Secret Service, Rockefellers and ruling elite in it.


Reynolds is to be thanked for this work. He has just proven that, truly, David Rockefeller is the Kennedy assassination cover-up mole and, therefore, has proven himself culpable, like the rest of the other fakers and fraudsters, including the Bush cabal, for the murder of President Kennedy.

This article was first published on nodisinfo.com.


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