DEA and the Drug Cartel Members

Thousands of narcotic agents started conducting raids Wednesday on drug cartel members operating in the United States.  The raids are in retaliation for the murder of one ICE Agent and the wounding of another outside of Mexico City last week. 

Jaime Zapata was murdered and a second agent, Victor Avalo was wounded, when the vehicle they were traveling in was ran into the ditch, after which an assailant, who is believed to be a member of the Zetas Drug Cartel, fired into the vehicle. 

The raids are being conducted across the United States.  Some but not all cities being raided were listed.  Among those listed were Atlanta, St. Louis, Denver, Detroit, San Antonio, San Diego, Chicago, Newark and Miami.  More than $4.5 million in cash, 20 guns, 23 pounds of methamphetamine, 107 kilograms of cocaine, 5 pounds of heroin, and 300 pounds of marijuana were confiscated at several hundred locations.

Similar raids are also being conducted this week in Brazil, El Salvador, Panama, Colombia, and Mexico.

DEA Special Agent in Charge, Derek Maltz, made the following statement in a FOX News report, “We have a message for the Mexican Cartels.  We’re going to come after you.  We’re going to have a relentless attack until the job is done.  We’re going to strip your profits. We are going to attack your organizational structure from top to bottom and we’re going to continue, like I said, until it’s done.”

Everyone seems to be applauding the retaliatory raids being conducted by the DEA, but personally I see a flaw.  What if the ICE Agent had not been murdered and his partner injured?  Would we be seeing these raids? 

The DEA evidently knew who the cartel members were who were operating within the United States, and to be able to go after so many in such a short span of time, logic would dictate that they have known who they are for quite some time. 

The whole scenario lends credence to the theory that our government is and has been allowing the cartels to operate within our borders, un-harassed until they got out of line.  This is indeed the corporate mafia operating out in the open for all to see.  It is common practice that when someone in the mafia gets out of line, it is the mafia that punishes them. 

And to think all of this is going on while American citizens are still being put in jail and having their lives ruined over a little marijuana for personal use.

Only one thought comes to mind, and it is not “Liberty and Justice for All”.

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