The absolute distraction the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) has become is undeniable.  The very idea of socialized healthcare is unconstitutional on its face.  The fact that the international insurance industry created the unconstitutional legislation and has seen their profits double, triple, and quadruple since the enactment thereof is proof positive as to the true intent of the legislation.

Obamacare was designed to provide healthcare subsidies to the third world populations being pumped into the United States for the sole purpose of displacing and seizing the property of American nationals and, since its enactment, the treasonous legislation has been honed through exemptions to the point that nothing is left except the largest tax to be levied upon the middle class since the socialist New Deal that was forced on the American people by the international communist Franklin Delano Roosenfelt.    Continue reading “American Nationals Must Stem the Status Quo to Avert One World Slavery”

Following the fraudulent 2012 Presidential Election, the international communist insurgents stepped forward and started asserting their absolutism.  Expanded background checks on a federal level could not be stopped.  Obamacare is a fate accompli.  And comprehensive immigration reform, the Dream Act, will be passed before the end of summer.

Though the American nationals have stood up and declared their opposition to the communization of the United States and have indeed caused huge problems at a federal level, the individual states wherein the international communists have infiltrated and captured the body politic continue as if the communist dictatorship were already in place and in full force.   Continue reading “How Deep have the International Communists Infiltrated Into the United States?”

If your first exposure to the mainstream media would have occurred in the past week, you would not know that the surrender of your country to foreign invaders from the south is one of the top agendas being pushed within the subversive foreign body posing as our Congress.

It is amazing how something as big as the blanket amnesty for an invasion force consisting of sixty to a hundred million foreign nationals can just be slid to the back burner and removed from the public eye when the agenda is meeting heavy opposition. And then, at the first opportunity for an advance of the agenda it can be brought back front and center like it is the only thing we have to consider in reference to our daily lives and state of being.   Continue reading “So What is Going on with Immigration Legislation?”

Never in all of history has a world event with such reaching consequences to human life as those represented by the meltdown of the reactors at Fukushima been so thoroughly and absolutely covered up.  By now the effects of the radioactive pollution from the plant have encompassed our planet and, as higher radiation levels for the aquatic life in the Pacific Ocean are scantly reported, life, or more probably death goes on as if nothing of any real consequence has actually occurred.

After the meltdown of a single reactor in Chernobyl in 1986, there seemed to be a constant vigil to track the spread of the radiation and the consequences to human life in the Soviet Union and around the world.  But back then, the coverage served a political purpose.  We weren’t to look at the failure of Chernobyl as a consequence of the bad decision in building these death plants, but rather the inferior system of government in the Soviet Union that allowed the failure to occur.    Continue reading “Fukushima – Cover It Up”

Senator Lindsey Graham, (R) South Carolina, has stepped up front and center to portray himself as the conservative republican spokesman for immigration reform, pushing the propaganda that says his party must acquiesce to the wishes of the Hispanics in passing the so called comprehensive immigration bill, his reasoning being that conservative republicans can no longer win elections unless they morph to communism in bringing the socialist invaders from the south into the fold.  In other words, a surrender.

Ask yourself this question.  Would the threat of being voted out of office by Hispanics be in any way credible had our immigration law been enforced with the same vigor as the unconstitutional seat belt law?    Continue reading “Immigration Reality Check”

The powers that be are hard at work in their attempt to legitimatize the foreign invasion into the United States being labeled as illegal immigration.  What fools the regimes of the past have been in instituting military invasions into other countries, which are condemned, and rightfully so, as the open aggression they represent.

What if Hitler, instead of invading Poland and France, would have simply sent his forces unarmed and in plain clothes into these other countries as refugees from the failed German economy?  And then once they had established themselves, they could have simply voted in German rule.  But then that would have never happened as no country wishing to remain sovereign would allow an unarmed insurgency to cross their border.   Continue reading “The Broken Immigration System”

The Obama administration is telling us that immigration reform will be accomplished this summer and this is where the problem begins.  We are not being asked if we want it, we are just being told that it is going to be.  Then of course if there is any backlash, the insurgency simply touts a few fraudulent, paid for opinion polls and claims those in opposition only represent a fringe.

This was a lie with gun control and it is a lie with immigration.  Prior to the false flags, removal of gun control was actually what was taking place, and prior to this socialist agenda to legitimize an invasion, the push was for getting the borders sealed and deporting the criminals who had crossed them.  They will not ask the American people what we want because they know that what we want is not what they want.   Continue reading “Immigration Reform – Whether the American People Want it or Not”

Tens of thousands of illegal aliens and their supporters gathered in Washington DC last week to demand that we American nationals surrender a portion of our country to them.  And of course, rather than mass arrests we have seen the sleazy assenting toward accommodating these foreigners in the form of the scam being pedaled as the Gang of 8.  Neither the false left Democrats nor the false right Republicans have the authority to give our country away to any foreign national, as there is no consent of the people.

If you have been out in public recently, you have seen the drastic change in attitude coming from the southern invaders.  They have indeed stepped out of the shadows and are now arrogantly strutting around like conquerors.   Continue reading “US-Mexican Border – Just another Line in the Sand”

It was reported in the mainstream about this time last year that we were seeing an exodus of illegal aliens leaving the United States because of our bad jobs market.  We called this fraud a fraud and countered that as amnesty was being pushed at every level and as the US safety net is open to any and every illegal, quite the opposite would have to be the reality.  And now we are finding out that we were absolutely correct in our deduction.

It was recently reported that only 3% of those attempting to invade across our southern border are even being acknowledged as the multitudes continue to swarm in.  The fact is the numbers coming in from the south are escalating as new guarantees for amnesty are being put forth by the traitors in both the false left and false right of the false paradigm.   Continue reading “How many illegal foreigners are there actually in the United States?”

On January 4, 2012, the insurgent infiltrator, Barry Soetoro, sent a memo to Homeland Security, putting an end to any illusion of border security and  instituting a blanket amnesty for any and all who would care to stroll across our southern border and shove their faces into the trough.

The number of illegals within the United States has, for the past few years, been reported to be at 11 million.  Now we find out that that number represents only a fraction, as it is admitted that only 3% of those who have been crossing into the United States are even so much as noticed.    Continue reading “The North American Union – Whether You Want It Or Not”

It is the third anniversary of Obamacare, and as promised by Nancy Pelosi, we are finding out what is in it…the hard way.  We have seen the largest tax increase upon the middle class and working poor since the communist Roosevelt’s New Deal.  Health care costs are sky rocketing as coverage is disintegrating before our very eyes.

It has been shown that Obamacare is unconstitutional, ironically through a Supreme Court ruling affirming it as constitutional in that the penalty for refusing to do business with the insurance companies has been declared a tax, and all tax legislation having to be initiated in the Congress, Obamacare is invalid as it was initiated in the Senate.  Continue reading “Draconian Obamacare Must be Rejected Outright”

When we are involved in a traffic accident, the so called law requires that we fill out an accident report and exchange insurance information and if we fail to comply with this so called law, we face stiff fines and penalties, and even possibly jail time.

On February 26, 2013, Department of Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano directed ICE to begin releasing foreign criminals from our jails that were on their way to being deported back to their home countries as US law dictates they must be. Napolitano gave the excuse that because of the sequester the finances just weren’t there to carry out the law.   Continue reading “The American National’s Responsibility Under the Law”

Today is the second anniversary of the Fukushima disaster and the true scale of its effect upon the United States and indeed the world can only be gauged by the extent of the cover up.  Looking at the situation logically and considering the fact that agencies like the EPA would like to have a thermometer up the backside of every person around the world under the guise of monitoring climate change, one would think that we would have been seeing daily reports as to the spread of the contamination from Fukushima through the air, ocean currents, and residual contact with items coming out of Japan.

We have heard of no punishment for those responsible for the failures at the plant following the earthquake and tsunami, which goes to show us once again that the top criminals around the planet have gained such power that they have become literally untouchable. Continue reading “Fukushima: Two Years of Cover Up”

On June 15, 2012, Obama took an unconstitutional executive action in announcing a “shift in policy”.  The new policy directed the Department of Homeland Security to stop the deportation of one million illegal aliens who would fall under the criteria embodied in the so called Dream Act, said legislation having previously failed to make it to a vote in the US Congress.  Department of Homeland Security Czar in Charge, Janet Napolitano, then sent a memo to ICE directing it’s agents to cease arresting any illegals appearing to fall under the criteria of the so called Dream Act.

When these outrageous acts fell under the scrutiny of the people, the only response from the insurgent in the White House was that any criminals falling under the criteria would be exempt from the amnesty.  Now in the past week we have seen these criminal individuals released onto our streets as a part of the so called sequester cuts.  Continue reading “Obama Administration Unleashes Foreign Criminals on the People of the United States”

We here at From the Trenches have been chronicling the foreign invasion from the south and sounding the warning for a good long while now, and it is truly amazing how far the invasion had to reach before the average American was able to grasp the idea that the invasion was indeed an invasion for the conquest of our nation and its wealth.

Last week at a town hall meeting in Arizona, the traitor John McCain was confronted by a group of Americans who had come to see the invasion for what it is.  McCain met the objections of his constituents to the ongoing invasion with unbridled contempt, sneering hatefully at those who refused to accept his shoddy presentation of the shoddy con that has been used, time after time, year after year, decade after decade, to facilitate this foreign invasion. Continue reading “Insurgents from the South Growing Bolder”

The insurgent Barrack Obama used the word “jobs” 49 times in his inauguration speech, but jobs for whom? The White House yesterday leaked Obama’s proposed legislation for so called immigration reform, which in reality is an amnesty for 100 million felons, which represent his loyal foreign insurgent ground forces who are to replace the American workforce.

This unconstitutional and treasonous legislation would give visas to every felonious foreign invader, even those who have broken our laws and have been jailed, so long as they were not sentenced to a year or more.  Continue reading “Illegals Grow Bold with Obama’s Backing”

jesse jacksonThe soviet socialist Jesse Jackson is putting out a call for federal intervention into the streets of Chicago to stop the gun violence.  This is a perfect example of the technique, “problem, reaction, solution”.  You take away guns from honest people, open the city up to the armed Mexican drug gangs, and let the bullets fly.

You then offer the solution to the unarmed innocents who are being mowed down in the carnage: militarized streets, federal disarmament across the nation of the honest and innocent to allow the mayhem to spread, and of course evermore funding for the eternal police state.  And don’t forget, the members of the drug cartels, like all the rest who have flooded across our border, are to be given citizenship as their reward for the carnage they have caused.  Continue reading “Jesse Jackson, Another Committed Communist”

left rightSo called immigration reform legislation is supposed to be introduced this week, which will be designed to legitimatize the socialist insurgent forces that have invaded the United States across our southern border.  The insurgents within the US government are coming at us from a new angle in trying to convince we Americans to further turn over control of our country to foreigners.

For the past forty years, the false left-right paradigm has been used to screw the American people through controlled opposition and the blame game.  The fact that the communist infiltrators do not have the numbers to implement full socialism in the US has become blatantly clear as their so called opposition, the false right Republicans, are now saying out of the side of their mouths that they must support the Latino communist invaders or their party will cease to exist.  Continue reading “Right Wing and Left Wing Socialists Unite in Opposition to American Nationals”

The insurgent Obama and his communist cohorts are expected to introduce legislation to address the issue of illegal immigration.  And what will be proposed as a solution to the southern invasion?  Well, complete amnesty and citizenship, of course, thus sanctifying the soviet socialist insurgency from the south.  Think about what they are saying here.  How do we stop illegal immigration/invasion?  By sanctifying it through reward.

For the past three years now the controlled media has been saying the illegal insurgents from the south amount to 11 million.  In the first place how could anyone possibly know this number?  Illegals are not counted in the census and I am sure they are not counted as they are crossing our border.  To think that this number would remain unchanged over the past three years is ludicrous.
Continue reading “Americans Afraid to Surrender Firearms and Rightfully So”

The soviet socialist insurgent Obama will be sworn in for a second illegitimate term as a foreign occupier of our highest seat of power, and he is making it clear as to his intent to bring the population of US nationals to their knees and institute international communism as the law of our land.  There is not even pretence anymore of any attempt to repair the Republic as Obama declares the first and foremost important issues his regime will be addressing – our immigration and gun control.  Or shall we call a spade a spade and say gun confiscation and citizenship for his southern insurgents?

Front and center on Fox News on Sunday was one Francisco Hernandez, a so called immigration attorney, who is in reality a one world soviet socialist with dual citizenship in both the US and Mexico.  Hernandez indicated that Obama had promised in his first term his insurgent forces from Mexico citizenship and now, as a result of the last fraudulent election wherein the army of illegal insurgents voted for Obama, all of his friends on both the left and the right agree that it is time to complete the process in replacing the US workforce with Mexican peasant labor.
Continue reading “Obama lays out Communist Agenda for 2013”