Death of 75 million jobs worldwide: Robots and artificial intelligence will take over HALF of all tasks in the workplace by 2025, warns World Economic Forum

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More than half of all tasks in the workplace tasks will be carried out by machines by 2025.

That’s according to the World Economic Forum, which predicts that AI and robots will kill off 75 million jobs worldwide by 2022.

The Swiss nonprofit also claims as many as 133 million new jobs will be created by machines in that time frame.  

Humans will have to revamp skills to keep pace with the ‘seismic shift’ in how we work with machines, it said.

It said: ‘Despite bringing widespread disruption, the advent of machine, robots and algorithm could actually have a positive impact on human employment.’

Based near Geneva, the WEF is known for the annual pow-wow of wealthy individuals, politicians and business leaders that it organises in Davos, Switzerland.

Its ‘Future of Jobs 2018’ report, the second of its kind, is based on a survey of executives representing 15 million employees in 20 economies.

The research foresees robots swiftly replacing humans in the accounting, client management, industrial, postal and secretarial sectors.

Jobs that require ‘human skills’ such as sales, marketing and customer service should see demand increase meanwhile, along with e-commerce and social media.

A major challenge will be to retrain workers, who will themselves be pressed to update skills especially in the areas of ‘creativity, critical thinking and persuasion’, the study found.

Between now and 2022, business chiefs believe the aviation, travel and tourism sectors in particular will have to retrain workers.

As many as 54 per cent of the global workforce will require retraining to take on new roles as machines rise, they said.

Half of companies expect to cut their permanent staff by 2022 – a jump above the 38 per cent of businesses who expect to grow their workforce.

Less than a third of companies expect the introduction of robots and AI to grow their workforce.

They said an overall trend towards lifelong learning and adaptation will emerge in the coming decades.

The WEF said challenges for employers include reskilling workers, enabling remote employment and building safety nets for employees.

5 thoughts on “Death of 75 million jobs worldwide: Robots and artificial intelligence will take over HALF of all tasks in the workplace by 2025, warns World Economic Forum

  1. People often bitch, whine, and moan about the advancement of technology, yet few choose to live a lifestyle like the Amish. I’m sure there are some who would like to live a life similar to Gilligan’s Island, but another perspective is that some people enjoy being nine to five wage slaves. If you have to get up everyday and work a job, regardless of whether you enjoy doing so or not, then you are not truly free. Here in America, we have allowed our Bill of Rights to be nullified due to our inaction to enforce it. We have an enemy force in occupation hell bent on controlling the population, telling them what to think, do, etc., all the while stealing the world’s resources at home and abroad. Under the current regime, it will come as no surprise when many of us find ourselves taxed out of existence, starving under some overpass or in a cardboard box by the river.

  2. Some machines help, some machines harm. But the way they’re moving forward with A.I… Replacement: another arm of eugenics. The less pesky humans mulling about the better.

    One thing we know about these machines is that no matter how sophisticated their programming, they will NEVER have a soul, and in that reality, they will always be inferior to us.

    It is not the robots I worry about so much, but their programmers. Many are the real machines themselves, obedient and loyal to their tyrannical overlords.

    Up with humans!! Even with all our imperfections… Up with humans!!!


  3. “Robots and artificial intelligence will take over HALF of all tasks in the workplace by 2025”

    Dream on.

    There won’t BE a ‘workplace’ by then (not the kind they’re talking about, anyway).

  4. Well….

    I got a revelation 4ya.

    Leftover humans in the future will only be here because AI will still need them.

    For the sht jobs that they don’t want to do.

    They / AI will become lazy….

    And that will be their downfall.

    Just like humans.

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