Definition of “Holocaust”


The second listed defention in this screenshot of the word “Holocaust” would connect with a few people. The Zionists sacrificing Jews to achieve their one world government.

10 thoughts on “Definition of “Holocaust”

  1. In modern American English usage, the word is also a synonym for something that didn’t really happen as described.

  2. As there are 2 James’s here(great name!),will be adding 45 to mine so comments/thoughts/ect, attributed to right James

  3. So a holocaust is a Jewish sacrificial offering and has nothing to do with the Holohoax. Interesting. Guess that means the Zionists sacrificed their own people.

  4. Sure enough, the fake jews killed a bunch of their own kind, but it was worth it, look what they have gained because of it. How many jews died? Just a fraction of what they claim and no where near as many as all the other people that died in that war. All part of the plan and it is not over yet.

  5. The so called “holocaust” has been debunked as a myth in referring to six million Jews being slaughtered……….the number was no where near that.
    A more proper expression I like to use is “Hollow Cause”.

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