Denver Police investigating accidental shooting from gun of an off-duty FBI agent

Published on Jun 2, 2018

Police are investigating an accidental shooting that sent a person to a hospital early Saturday morning. The apparent, accidental shooting happened just before 12:45 a.m. at a club in the 2200 block of Lawrence Street in the Lower Downtown neighborhood of Denver.


6 thoughts on “Denver Police investigating accidental shooting from gun of an off-duty FBI agent

  1. Just a young punk. FBI agent my foot. Where’s that boy’s daddy?
    He needs his ass tore up and made to sit in the corner.

  2. It wasn’t from the gun, it was a negligent discharge from the gun of an ahole traitor who thought it would be a good idea to wiggle like the worm he is and attempt a backflip while carrying an unsecured weapon and probably intoxicated.

    We’d be on the inside looking out already.

  3. It is because these “Agents” keep their guns Chambered with the Hammer cocked, he either hit the safety as he grabbed it or the safety was off too. Since he was probably drinking he don’t remember…and since he is a literal God among us…then it is a simple Faux Pough, Ha ha shits and giggles…..You or me!…and we are Fkn Demons….

    Though I tell you, back in the 80’s I carried everywhere…I was in a disco club and my AMT .22 Automag, fell out of my shoulder holster in the restroom and slid across the floor…

    All the gents (Aka Coked up f-k heads) stood there stunned, I casually walked over picked it up and walked out….Was hilarious…

    God I miss that gun….paid 150$ for it new at SF Gun Exchange, it goes for 900-1200 bucks now… Arrrgh.

  4. We all know accidents do happen.

    Just like we accidentally cancelled the Kim Jon Ill summit.

    We…accidentally threw Bob Miner in jail.

    We accidentally tried to take your gunz.

    And…Drum roll pleeeazzzzz.

    We accidentally thought you would obey our laws and not resist.

    And…I accidentally crapped my drawers yesterday.

    Like I said.

    Accidents do happen.

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