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AC-130 Gunship Mysteriously Flew Hours Worth Of Laps Over Seattle on Tuesday

The Drive – by Tyler Rogoway An AC-130 gunship, the most feared asset in the Pentagon’s special operations aircraft inventory, flew a highly peculiar path around south Seattle on Tuesday afternoon. The highly modified C-130J transport plane, which bristles with 30mm and … Continue reading

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Oregon Liberals File Gun Confiscation Ballot Measure

Gateway Pundit – by Brock Simmons As the lying anti gun hysterical types try to tell us “Nobody is coming to take your guns away,” they file a ballot measure petition in Oregon that would do just that. The “Promote Public … Continue reading

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German city installs Karl Marx traffic lights

BBC News The home town of influential communist thinker Karl Marx is celebrating the 200th anniversary of his birth… with new pedestrian lights. The philosopher and author of The Communist Manifesto was born in Trier in western Germany on 5 … Continue reading

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SICARIO: Day of the Soldado – Official Teaser Trailer

At the 1 minute mark it shows why fingers need to be banned.

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No bump stocks turned in to Denver police after ban

Fox 31 DENVER — No bump stocks have been turned over to Denver authorities after the city banned the accessories used in last year’s mass shooting in Las Vegas that killed 58 people and injured hundreds. Denver Police police last month invited … Continue reading

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Canada’s arms deal with Saudi Arabia includes ‘heavy assault’ vehicles

CBC News ‘These are combat-ready vehicles and certainly not the jeeps that the government once told us that they were’ Canada’s multi-billion dollar arms sale to Saudi Arabia includes a substantial number of “heavy assault” armoured vehicles and a maintenance … Continue reading

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Lawmaker sorry for spreading anti-Semitic weather conspiracy

BBC A local lawmaker in Washington, DC, has apologised for sharing a video based on a conspiracy theory that Jewish financiers control the weather. Councilman Trayon White Sr posted a video of snow flurries on Friday and warned of “climate … Continue reading

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Taiwan Travel Act Becomes Law

Foreign Affairs Committee “This is long overdue and needed,” says Foreign Affairs Chairman Royce  Washington, D.C. – Today, the president signed into law the Taiwan Travel Act (H.R. 535). Championed by House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce (R-CA), the bipartisan … Continue reading

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What is Huma holding?

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Nuclear alert? Belgium distributes millions of iodine pills, yet claims ‘no risk’

RT Belgium has started distributing iodine pills free for all citizens, claiming the measure was not prompted by any “specific risk.” Pharmacies have begun receiving some of the 4.5 million boxes of iodine pills, which have been available for citizens … Continue reading

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H.R.5087 – Assault Weapons Ban of 2018

Congress Rep. Cicilline, David N. [D-RI-1] (Introduced 02/26/2018) To regulate the importation, manufacture, possession, sale or transfer of assault weapons, and for other purposes.  

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YouTube’s New Moderators Mistakenly Pull Right-Wing Channels

Bloomberg YouTube’s new moderators, brought in to spot fake, misleading and extreme videos, stumbled in one of their first major tests, mistakenly removing some clips and channels in the midst of a nationwide debate on gun control. The Google division … Continue reading

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Georgia teacher fires gun in empty classroom

BBC News A Georgia teacher who barricaded himself in his classroom and fired a handgun is in police custody. Jesse Randall Davidson, 53, locked his students in the hallway and fired a shot when the principal opened the door, according … Continue reading

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House Democrats introduce bill prohibiting sale of semi-automatic weapons

Washington Examiner – by Melissa Quinn House Democrats have introduced a bill banning semi-automatic firearms in the wake of the Feb. 14 shooting at a high school in Parkland, Fla. Rep. David Cicilline, D-R.I., announced Monday he is introducing the Assault Weapons … Continue reading

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Okotoks homeowner charged with shooting at suspects seen rummaging through vehicles

This is what happens in my neck of the woods if you try and protect yourself and your property. I hope I get called in for jury duty. Global News – by Heide Pearson An Okotoks man has been charged … Continue reading

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Florida shooting: Student David Hogg denies ‘actor’ claim

BBC News A survivor of last week’s school shooting in Florida has denied claims he is an actor with an anti-gun agenda. Speaking on CNN, student David Hogg said he was a witness. Conspiracy theorists online have accused the survivors … Continue reading

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Gun owner destroys rifle after Florida shooting: ‘Now there’s one less’

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3 Trump properties posted 144 openings for seasonal jobs. Only one went to a US worker.

Vox – by Alexia Fernández Campbell President Donald Trump’s businesses don’t seem too concerned about “America First.” A Vox analysis of hiring records for seasonal workers at three Trump properties in New York and Florida revealed that only one out of … Continue reading

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Trump Jr wife in hospital after opening white powder envelope

BBC News The US president’s daughter-in-law, Vanessa Trump, was taken to hospital as a precaution after opening an envelope containing white powder, police say. The letter was addressed to Donald Trump Jr, Mr Trump’s eldest son, at his apartment in … Continue reading

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Piers Morgan: How dare you kill off mankind, Mr Trudeau, you spineless virtue-signalling excuse for a feminist

Daily Mail – by Piers Morgan Mankind ended last night. I know, I know, you probably didn’t realize. But it happened. A world leader publicly pronounced it dead. Yes, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau killed off ‘mankind’ because he finds the word offensive.  

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