34 thoughts on “Devil Baby Attack

  1. My Fellow Americans:

    Here is what the children of the Ultra-Rich,.. the 1%,… Nancy Pelosi, Diane Frankenstein, Harry Reid, John Boehner, the Banksters, Politicians in general….and especially,…. the Rothchilds,… actually look like.

    I particularly like the “spewing” near the end of the video. (That’s the 1% showing their disgust for the rest of us….)

    Hhhmmm,…. actually,.. I think this might be acutal video of the newest “royal” meatbag of those english turds, Sir William & Kate Asshole.

    JD – US Marines – See,.. our politicians & banksters ARE simply BORN evil!

  2. I`m back. GRRRRR Yea I got hit hard again. Anyway, I was gonna post this but didn`t. It reminded me of my evil self 👿 Yea, the last words out of my moms mouth befor she died – and she told me that to my face was – was “why am I so evil.” Well the first thing that I said to my self was “because I was born in hell, and raised by satan.” 😎 🙁 Yea my Bro`s and Sisters here , I got nailed again today by the PTB bastards. 🙁 , but I am back and running ready to do some hangin` damnit. Ya know that song ” two Hangman Hangin From A Tree” and that realy don`t bother me at all either. Two noose hangmans noose anyone? – lets get `er done ya`ll 😎

      1. Yea Millard as you know – I am suprised that atouk isn`t at my doorstep to set me up and throw me in prison or what ever those fagots do GRRRR!! NEVER GIVE IN, NEVER GIVE UP !!! I am still waitin` for that Fuc- Face!!! and I mean what I say about that puke !!!!!!!!!!! 👿 – seems like that puke is a fed as to how I have had nothing but probs to the minute after that punk f*ck*r , and no , I am not makin ` that up one bit!! just telin` ya`ll

    1. Hey digger,

      Glad you’re back, this place isn’t the same without you! Sorry I missed you guys in chat today. I had to run some errands with my daughter.

      What happened to your computer? Virus attack?

      1. Thanks Deb, thank you for remembering me 😎 . I have been threatened , beat by the PTB, thrown in prison , jail,rehab and allfor my brothersw and sisters and they all betrayed me by letting me dotime for them instead of snitchin/rattin on them. They showed me their true colors 🙁 It is good to be back here with good honest supportful people!! Love you loyal honest people. Yea I stick my ass out on a limb to post a lot of what I post , and I pissed a lot of te Big Boys Club and they want to wellstone me to be sure and I am given reminders every day at least 2 or 3 times a day by them bastards about that 🙁 . It is my right to post and say what ever. they are the one that are offended by what I post – not us guys!! Yea My life has been threatened by them bastards more than once!! yea no shit, Just letting you all know that I am not giving up on ya all if I am not here for a while. Yea the PTB realy do hate me beyond belief. they would have killed me a long time ago but too many people know about them in my area. Yea Deb Love my bros and sisters here InThe Trenches. We are in it together IMOO. Thank You deb for your concern I appreciate it . By the way Deb It was much more than just a simple virus/maleware attack – they really do hate me with a passion :(. I piss them off and they cannot prouve their innocence. Yea, they hate me, but I really do hate them more. Yea Deb, It is a personal hatred that they taught me years ago as to why I hate them. Them masonic bastard sob. there I said it. I love you guys here and they cannot stand it 😎 🙁 This goes back at least 45+ years with me by the way. And it is all on that MK racord if ya know what I`m sayin. 🙁

        1. Hold Strong, digger. WE Luv ya. You are not alone, Bro. You ain’t the only one.
          (Sounds like you’re in the same frame of mind I was in the other night when I posted “Life is a Lemon”)

          1. Angel, I’ve posted my own rant too, we all have been kicked, and need a place to rant. Life indeed is a Lemon, I would love to read your post, but I didn’t find it. Was it a comment or a post? *hugs*

        2. Sorry about my rant there Deb and others here, but it is the truth, and I can back it all up which is why they hate me so much, but I was the oe that got beat and experiencted it all. Enough is enough from me eh. You guy do not need to know any more as ya`ll already know too much. I tend to spill my guts when there is no other choice. Yea Just ask Millard, He knows as well as others in my area

          1. Yo, no apologies needed. Rant on. Get it out. 🙂 We all need it at times. “That’s what friends are for.” We Luv ya.

          2. Digger, you never have to apologize for being kicked when down. We have all been there, and I’m there now too. But you still know how to have fun, even when shit gets real. Your humor, and honesty is what makes you, well you. You’re awesome, and an excellent asset here.

          3. Thanks Guys but my rant is that gods honest truth.They never brainwashed me but they did try. Like I have always said my good freinds – ” good things never change because we were men`t to be” And also remember to ” Live for today, to remember the past, to plan for the future” and the PTB do not like it when I say that kind of stuff.

        3. Geeze digger, sorry to hear that. Stay strong brother, obviously you already are. You’re fighting the good fight as we all are.

          You’ve got some good shoulders around here, and lots of support, and we luv ya bro. You keep exercising your first article. All the hate in the world cannot overcome all the love for our brothers and sisters here in the trenches.

  3. Hahahahaha! That’s awesome. It’s a MAD MAD MAD world! Like a zombie baby from a zombie apocalypse movie. Love the part where it throws up the middle finger.

          1. You know what Dahmer said, “Backstraps are the best fried with a little onion and butter.”

          2. Hey digger, why does Wisconsin get Ed Gein and Jeffery Dahmer as residents. Good legacy huh?

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