18 thoughts on “Devils Canyon, Utah

  1. Mark, looks like you’ve got that highway all to yourself. Thanks for the pics along your journeys!

    1. yeah, me too. Bryce is a crazy looking place. This Devil’s canyon looks familiar, and I may have been there, but I don’t remember it by name.

      1. Did you stop and check out Fairyland Canyon on the way in or out, JR? They say there are 162 recognizable colors in those canyon walls.

  2. The pictures you’ve been sharing reinforce one’s belief in God. That mess of rocks can’t be just lucky, random or thoughtless. The miracles we ignore every day are many, but when we get reminded, Whammo, it just gets you.
    Oh yea, and thank you. You are a busy and thoughtful guy.

    1. Your welcome, this site is family, most everything I see, you’ll see. 🙂

  3. No gas mask required. Close Encounters was govt. aeresol hoax from faked train accident to get the people to evacuate. The stars are exceedingly brilliant at night.

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