DHS to create a new ‘threat index chart’ to keep Americans in fear


It seems like DHS will go to any lengths to keep Americans in fear, even if that means reviving a useless color-coded threat chart.

A recent AP story revealed, DHS spent $90K in taxpayer money to review whether they should bring back their color coded threat chart.

The Institute for Defense Analyses (IDA) hired by DHS, found their color-coded threat chart to be simplistic and misleading, noting that colors were a “disaster” for communicating terror threats.  

The consultants identified other problems. A color index might lead reporters with an appetite for eye-catching headlines to produce misleading stories of an out-of-control border. And DHS relations with Congress could be further strained, with administration officials constantly having to defend their color choices.

In other words, the color-coded threat chart is a joke.

DHS spent $90,000 on a question we already know the answer to,” said Sen. Ron Johnson, a Wisconsin Republican who has introduced a bill for border metrics. “Measuring the security across our borders is complex and requires sophisticated and consistent metrics — not a series of colors.”

DHS used a government funded research company [IDA], to tell them what they wanted to hear.

“Federally Funded Research and Development Centers, or FFRDCs, are unique independent entities sponsored and funded by the U.S. government… As a result, the relationship between the FFRDC and the parent corporation [DHS] is very close.”

It appears the IDA is another DHS front company run by former DHS and government employees.

Here’s an example of what I mean, former DHS advisor Admiral Charles Abbott, former DHS secretary Tom Ridge and retired General Norton Shwartz who’s tied at the hip to DHS are all on IDA’s Board of Trustees.

DHS told to invent a new ‘threat index chart’ to keep Americans in fear.

A new set of metrics should work against this simplistic perception rather than reinforcing it. Instead, the new index does the opposite, by reporting the level of border security in just three large baskets, two of which (red and yellow) are likely to be seen by the public as evidence of a border ‘not controlled,’ ” the report said.

IDA’s report suggested DHS develop a “dashboard” of key numbers, just like police departments use.

Two months ago, I warned everyone that DHS and Police are using community outreach groups to invent new ways to Americans in fear.

DHS has created an Office of Community Partnerships which encourages communities nationwide to spy for them!

“In this new Office, we will consolidate and reassign key personnel who are dedicated to countering violent extremism, but who are presently working in various different components of this Department. Longer term, we intend to call upon DHS personnel in field offices across the country to take part in our efforts at building community partnerships…” Secretary Jeh  Johnson said.

Despite violent crime in America being at 1968 levels DHS insists we need cops and community leaders to spy on Americans.

Given the current threat environment, it is the cop on the beat that may be the first to detect the next terrorist attack in the United States” Johnson said, quoting his speech at a New York City police graduation in December.

The truth is, DHS and police are destroying our rights by creating non-existent threats!

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6 thoughts on “DHS to create a new ‘threat index chart’ to keep Americans in fear

  1. These idiots in our “government” don’t have a clue.

    They’re still pushing a BS terror agenda that most Americans have seen through long ago.

    They’re not “keeping people in fear”. They’re creating anger through the insult.

  2. I got an index for ya DHS.
    Its my index finger flipping you off.
    Saying fk you…! And your gollum retarded staff…!
    In fact I’m gonna paint my middle finger orange.
    I hate those fkrs…almost as much as the IRS.
    I’ve never seen such retards as bad as working as a contractor for the feds.
    These pee pole are fkd up.
    Like damaged goods that need salvage.
    Then they have the nerve to say I’m crazy.
    What’s that old saying….
    The crazy people are running the insane asylum.

  3. I don’t have enough anti-nausea medication to swallow this pill. “Threat Index Chart” huh? Stupid, stupid, stupid!!! Let me guess, the color white is non-threatening, and the threat level increases as you work your way through the color spectrum, black being the worst threat. And they spent $90,000 to see if they should bring it back?
    “Here recruits, take your water color set and practice.” Now, they’ll spend another $90,000 to decide whether they should heed to any of the recommendations. I’ve had more than enough.

    Once we start shooting, ya think they’ll still wear their badges?

  4. Oh boy, the IDA! Another unwanted, un-elected and unconstitutional organization that tells us how to think and what to do. Joy.

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