2 thoughts on “Dickie Spencer with the Bush ladies

  1. and here we have Dickie Spencer photographed with known Zionists (the Bush family is owned by the Rothschilds), and that would explain why he’s launching white supremacist rants.

    “He’s with NPI (National Policy Institute) which some assert is CIA.”

    What more do you need to know?

    1. Yeah, what more? Except a good amount of the young are fallin’ for it/him. No idea they’re playin’ right into the hands of THE STATE. I did notice that most of these guys have slick/hip haircuts and appear feminized. The alt right is gettin’ it wrong. Henry’s right. Common Law/Bill of Rights: the way out. I can’t find anything better and I been looking a long time. Okay, I guess I’d just add (and not for those who harm and oppress us) a good dose of kindness. I mean among the people. A good dose of kindness


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