33 thoughts on “Did it. It was great!

  1. Congratulations, Hal…… (and a little tequila goes a long way when it’s time to take the vows)

    I hope you have a long, and happy marriage.

    1. Hey, JR.
      Glad to see that you are here.
      Actually I gave my daughter away. I should have titled better.
      I’ve been married once which is enough for me.

  2. Your daughter is beautiful. I’m glad to hear you made it through the ceremony, in spite of the politics, and ended up having a good time.
    Congratulations to you, your daughter, and your new son-in-law.

    1. Ya know, the reverend had the bride and groom sign the license under the trellis before he said you may kiss the bride. Can you believe that crap!?
      One would think that the reverend would take the time to shake the brides father’s hand and congratulate him afterward. Didn’t happen.
      I said that I wouldn’t shake the “Agent of the State’s” hand but I did after a bit when I found him.
      I found him, schooled him on de facto vs de jure government…. Church vs Corporation for Religious Purpose… Law vs color of it, and more.
      More than a few times during the festivities he would be looking, as soon as eye contact was made, he’d avert his elsewhere.
      I can only hope it was a seed sprouting. Who knows…
      My daughter was very happy and I very grateful for such. It was a beautiful thing.

      Thank you, Henry.

      1. ‘…it was a seed sprouting’, ‘…as soon as eye contact was made, he’d avert his elsewhere.’ …………sometimes it is tough to look Truth in the eye ….you did good brother and congratulations to you and all that participated in your daughter’s and son-in-law’s wedding day

  3. Very beautiful, Hal. Many blessings on you and your family, especially the new bride and groom. Love is a wonderful and sweet thing.



    1. Thank you, Galen.
      And guess what? My youngest fell in love with a certain BofR’s locket.
      She put it on, wore it through the wedding, then told me possession is nine tenths.
      That was cool 🙂

      1. Ha I have one of those too…:) Yes, Congrats Hal, I dread the day my daughter marries….Not the act mind you, the cost…. 🙂

    1. That’s my daughter, Mark.
      I don’t think there’s a woman who wants to put up with my shenanigans, brother 🙂

      1. One of the definitions of “shenanigans” is, high-spirited behavior; mischief.

        Could be a very interesting life were one up to it. (Grin)


    1. Thank you, Sunfire.
      It was so cool to see their expressions and body language towards each other.
      I think they just might stay the course.

    1. Thank you, JoeSTP.
      Again, I should have titled it better, but usually (as Mary says) BAM! I’m off to the next adventure.
      That was my daughter, her mother and I after giving her away.
      I’m just glad that I can comment now, and hope I get to all.

    1. Katie!
      It was beautiful!! And the License Crap was tough!
      Henry called it “politics”. But I know he meant “infringements”.
      Tueday and I spoke of the consequences of the so called “License”. So she can see.
      It is my duty to show her, but you know this. 😉

      Thank you, sister.

    1. Thank you, brother! I know.

      You know what sucks?
      When ya put an old log(that you assume is ash) in the wood stove, and in a few ya get the wiff.
      Oh Man! It’s stinky Boxelder 🙁
      This just happened.

    1. Hi Angel.

      My daughter’s name is Tuesday.
      Although she was not named after a certain song, that some day she’d grow up and be gone with the wind.

      Hope all is well, sister 🙂

  4. Well, can’t believe I got to the bottom with only slight trouble. Haven’t been able to comment a couple days.
    Thank you all for inspiring me to fight and push through this!
    She had her father walk her down the isle (down the stairs really).
    He helped his daughter to realize what a license really is and how the “State” is corruptly involved.
    Couldn’t have a better people!

    Sincerely, Daniel

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