Disobedience and Judgments

washnatmasjidWhere upon hearing the news that Muslims will now hold services in our National Cathedral, it’s apparent that some sort of foothold is occurring in our Republic. This must be stopped at all costs! The True and Living God, the God who never changes, will not be mocked.

As can be seen, throughout the ages, pagan rituals, pagan alters and cults were dealt with harshly, by God. All one need do, is thumb through the Old Testament to learn of just how God dealt with those who’d “whore” out to false gods. This is what’s referred to as an adulterous relationship.

America was founded on Christian morals and ethics, based out of scriptures, and ever since, although at a declining rate, stood by these as her mooring and anchor. The point is this: God considers those who were once his, who then go towards false gods and cults, to be adulterous, just as a husband or wife, loyal from the marriage, begins to whore around. God looks at this NO differently, in personal relationships with His children.  

So as our Republic allows these atrocities to occur in our once sacred halls of worship of the true and living God, we stand to receive the judgments upon us for spiritual adultery, those same judgments that prophets warned the people about, those very same or worse judgments that God used to bring people to their senses. Many nations, groups, and or people who refused to adhere to God’s warnings, suffered terribly, at their own peril, of course. God desires that none would perish.

God desires that all would come to salvation and the knowledge of the truth. But those who MOCK God with their continued thumbing of their noses at Him, those who continue to do as they please, with no regard to their doom, God will turn them away and loose to do as they please. But they will reap the judgments upon their own heads in doing so.

All that I am sharing with you can be found in the scriptures and verified throughout the annals of history. God’s judgments fall upon nations and peoples as appeared catastrophes and/or plagues, both natural and manmade in appearances. But rest assured, God uses both as His tools to judge mankind. To those who would argue, “Why would a loving God do this?” “I don’t believe that God would cast people into these types of situations, or into hell, for that matter.”

Friends, here’s the eye opener, God doesn’t, man does, in his conscious decision to disobey and mock God and His ways. So as we see these creatures ruin our Republic, as we watch these creatures offend God, as we observe these creatures ruin and destroy all that this Republic stands for, we WILL watch the judgments of God fall upon our once beloved Republic. And Friends, I do believe those judgments started already, which means, it’ll only get worse as people continue to turn their backs upon God, as people continue to mock God, as we allow our Republic to spiral out of control, by letting creatures drive us to destruction on the rails to Hell.

Now that I’ve said all that, some of you may be saying, “What can I do?”

Well for starters, get right with God, through His Son Jesus Christ. Pray for your spiritual healing, as well as for those around you.

Get involved in a local “Real Church”, a church that reads and learns the word as it’s written. Evangelize the lost, not condemningly, but gently, and with grace and mercy, lead them to freedom, the freedom from the bondages of sin, unto the freedom of salvation. The servant of the Lord must not strive, in the case of personal testimony and witnessing with others. But be gentle unto all men, apt to teach, patient, and in meekness instructing those that oppose themselves, that they may recover themselves out of shame and the snare of the Devil.

Next, one should prepare for battle, both spiritually and physically. Equip and train. For those who are in tune with God are to be responsible to protect that in which God has entrusted you with, your life, your family’s lives, and those of your fellow countrymen, as well as the life of our Republic and the blessing from God’s hand, which is this America.

The place where we can once again be the shining example to the nations of the world, that those who follow the “True and Living God” will prosper, as they could too, should they also, follow God Almighty.

Friends, the time of judgment has long been here. This is one of the few remaining warnings left. To continue the course of inaction is to condone the paths in which this Republic is currently traveling. Inaction is invitation to the Wrath of God.

Pastor Brooks Conner

Liberty Bible Hour

9 thoughts on “Disobedience and Judgments

    1. Although widely known and acknowledged by most,
      ignored by many …….needs to be brought to the fore front often.
      As things ramp up, there will be NO excuses for ignorance, and answers to their question, “WHY ?”, may be obvious.

  1. I’m willing to bet that the Zionists have arranged this just to foster more hatred against Muslims.

    There are no accidents, and they see anti-Zionist sentiment growing. I would guess that they’re probably increasing their efforts to pit Christians against Muslims to take some of the heat off themselves.

    1. A whole lot of unusual, albeit possibly coincidental connections here:

      The plan for these services was cooked up during a meet to honor scumbag Mandela by Director Gina Campbell.

      Liturgical Director Gina Campbell is the first female non-Episcopalian to head services, thus breaking all kinds of tradition and injecting the divisive new-age commie created womens “liberation” rhetoric.

      Her name Campbell which is Scottish so think Scottish Rite and freemasonry, meaning “crooked mouth”

      Cathedral is decorated with such ludicrous non-religious items such as “moon rocks” to honor the very questionable lunar landing.

      Obviously the end result of having these prayers in the National Cathedral would escalate the hatred that the zio-press has worked so diligently to create. They created IS/IL, a crap load of fake beheadings, 9/11, WWI, WWII, etc etc. I hope I don’t need to go on with everything else they’ve falsely constructed to promote their agenda. And they didn’t create this?

      But after all that, some people don’t see this as bait to distract them from the masterminds of this chaos and still bite the hook? Definition of insanity PLUS stupid!

  2. I don’t like the idea of muslims holding services in our national Christian cathedral any more that you but to “get right with God” means something different to everyone-to Mormons, Catholics, Methodists, or Baptists. It’s rhetoric. Luke 22:36 commands, “and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment and buy one.” So, it seems that getting right with God means to arm ourselves among other things. But do we evangelize to the UN troops or muslim hordes as they come sweeping across the land, pillaging and plundering, before we shoot? And when this article says “be gentle to all men,” does that mean a merciful kill-shot or that we should just ‘wing’ our enemy?

    1. To get “right” with God means, to make peace with God.
      Those who’re not God’s friend, (His child, a believer and follower), man is naturally at enmity with God. Hence, therefore at odds with, or an enemy of God. Yes, we’re to defend ourselves from our enemies, not lay down like a carpet. In your reference to “get a sword”.
      Also, we’re to evangelize at the right time and place, to those who’re willing to listen. “Gentle to all men” means don’t be pushy and insistent to get non-believers to listen. We’re to do a large majority of our witnessing by our living testimony. People should be able to tell that there’s something different about how we live our lives. We’re to be set apart from the world, not part of the world.
      But don’t get me wrong, if the creatures insist on war, so be it.
      It’s our responsibility to protect that, which God has intrusted us with. Christians shouldn’t be “Pussies”.

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