5 thoughts on “Downtown Phoenix I17 North to Flagstaff – 81 degrees – Cantaloupes to Andover Massachusetts

    1. Everybody was at work, about 2pm. Traffic was much worse on I40. Thanks Mary, roads were horrible in Flagstaff. Unbelievable the punishment our bodies go through. Young mans gig anymore. Amazing that these trucks dont self destruct.

      I have to do about 660 miles a day to be on time Friday night. I’m going to loose 3 hours from time zone changes. Nightmare…..

  1. I-40, eh? But at least you don’t have to use I-10, which is becoming pothole central, interstate style! But yes, I-40 sucks also. And speaking of cantaloupes, near I-10 is another melon haven, Coyanosa, north of Fort Stockton…if these cantaloupes survived the tornados and huge hail storms we’ve had recently….

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