11 thoughts on “A Dozen COPS & Their Shameful Home Invasion Caught on Camera

  1. It’s getting to the point where people are going to start lighting up these gestapo thug bastards the moment the attempt to break into a home illegally (no warrant). They are domestic terrorists which make street thugs look like choir boys.

  2. How does one come back from this?!! Epic intrusion, disrespect, violation, unlawfulness, cruelty, disgusting power-heads!! I hate ’em. And it was child abuse with cops as abusers.

    I hope to soon know how this ended up?



    1. I know how one comes back from this
      But I probably shouldn’t say it
      Because I’ll be next , but so will they

      1st thing
      You can’t fear death

      1. Thanks EOTS, and I certainly had almost similar conclusions. Mostly I was referring to the psychological damage inflicted. Had that happened to me, I doubt I could ever heal from it, even after the ultimate pay-back. My baby!! Are they kidding me?!! That’s messin’ with Creation itself.

        I’m thinkin’ about all those karma sayings…

        “It all comes out in the wash.”

        “What goes around comes around.”

        “As you sow, so shall you reap.”

        …and hoping they are all true, that God’s universe is that precise, that all evil actions are dealt with and with balancing doses of retribution. Sometimes we wait so long to see them get what they deserve; sometimes we never see it. But if those sayings are true, those perps have some bad s*** heading their way.

        Don’t mess with babies, and the people who love them.



  3. Here’s a clue Galen
    When you go to court to sue the city and tax payers you should take down every name of who was at your home
    I think you can figure it out from there

    If their punishment doesn’t fit their crime
    This will not stop , but only get worse

    Also , fortify your home
    Bars , and never leave a window open
    Always pack when home

  4. apparently American tourism is down.. companies are worried. well do you wonder? first you get molested by the TSA then its not safe to be in the country as you could get shot by cops due to a minor driving error or shot for walking in the wrong area… or attacked in a home. I would never set foot in the country. Its not safe. Thank you God that I was not born American and my children do not have to grow up there

    1. Yeah. And they’ve been after FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT for a long time. So it turns on them, affects the economy (they’re plan all along), we become officially 3rd world, and boom! The full take-over. Bleak picture, I know. Thank goodness many are working to assure this does not come to full fruition, although it’s rapidly advancing.


  5. No warrant, cop admits he has no warrant. When he continues to climb into the house, after being told to leave, that is when you
    LIGHT HIM UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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