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  1. Government shutdown does nothing to affect the general public
    The gov shuts down every night at 5pm
    And shuts down every weekend

    All essential ( in their eyes) security and warrentless servelance does not stop
    CIA,FBI et all don’t stop
    MIC doesn’t shut down

    And who GAF if the jackasses in Washington DC that are NEVER there ( yes they phone it in all the time)
    Stay home

    Shut it all down until it does make a difference

    I for 1 wouldn’t miss em if they all went poof tomorrow

  2. If it was really shut down and their really was no money these people would not be getting their pay checks. So as an eye opener to the uninformed see how the government rigged the system over the years for themselves?

  3. All I gotta say is they better have this sht worked out by the 1st…

    Because instead of this cuntree being a shthole.

    When the EBT and Social Security deposits doesn’t go through on the 1st.

    You will see a world of sht.

    But… you know that won’t happen.

    So relax.

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