5 thoughts on “Dropping Down To Vegas, Early Morning – Early Bird Gets The Worm

  1. You have to get to the drop early to get unloaded early, everybody is racing you to get there first.

    I pulled over to get this shot, everybody must have thought I was nuts.

    1. You need a Go Pro camera. It’s like a dash cam. (but you don’t have to leave it on your dashboard — you can strap it to your helmet before you do something crazy, too)

      1. Dirty windshields, bugs. The shots would be showing bluring from ungodly creatures. I still have to get out of the truck.

  2. I see the Vegas lights..

    But I don’t see any drunken hookers on the side of the road crashed in their cars.

    Hey…whaddaya call a drunken hooker and x stripper that becomes a judge at the justice center in Vegas.



    Google x stripper judge found dead vegas.

    I mean…ya can’t make this sht up.

    Hey…accidents do happen.

    Take it from me…

    I fell off my roof twice in a month.

    Now if I would have been a hooker…


    I’d probably. ..statistically be dead right now.

    But….evidently something out there just doesn’t think I’ve had enuff punishment.

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