Dutch Government to Ban All Farming

Investment Watch – by Chris Black

The crazies in the Dutch government plan to cut nitrogen emissions by 50% – 95% by 2030, which basically means farming will be banned.

78% of the Earth’s atmosphere is Nitrogen gas. 

The world is facing a serious food supply situation and when I see things like this, I tend to believe they are trying to kill off a portion of the global population.

I can’t explain it any other way.

Even purely incompetent individuals would make a decision that helps citizens once in a while, purely by chance.

Everything that they have done has been detrimental.

Needless to say, the farmers are not happy.




>The Netherlands is the 2nd largest food exporter in the world

>Dutch agriculture is a major player globally and is currently the biggest exporter of agricultural goods after the United States.

The social contract has been broken.

Investment Watch

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  1. Some say inanimate objects speak, in their own way, of course. Rumors there are of unused and abandoned pitchforks loudly whispering, begging to be picked up and put to good use.


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