7 thoughts on “East Fishkill, New York 10:48 17 degrees

  1. Had to look this one up. Pop. over 29K

    ‘The name Fishkill is derived from two Dutch words: Vis (fish) and Kill(creek or stream). Fishkill played an important role in the Revolutionary War when a vast military encampment was established one mile below the village to guard the mountain pass to the south.’
    ‘Fishkill became part of one of the largest colonial military encampments during the Revolutionary War. General Washington’s aide-de-camp Alexander Hamilton took residence here. The Trinity Church, on Hopewell Avenue in the village, was organized in 1756 and the structure built in 1760. ‘

  2. They don’t have indoor plumbing in Fishkill, NY?!?!
    Them’re some cold sh#tters@ 17degrees F. 😐
    I’m old and see some things first.

  3. Yeah man, the northeast has been frigid. I was in Albany, NY Thursday into Friday, the low was 1 degree with a real feel of -20. Hypothermia warning if you were exposed for more than 15 mins. I took a random vacation this week, mental health week basically. Obviously we can’t afford to do anything or go anywhere, just the way things are for us American Nationals… We are getting hit with snow here in the Philly suburbs, right now 11-16 is what they are calling for. I guess I picked a good week to not be out there on the road. Drive safe out there!

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