Ebola patient entrance to Emory University Hospital

CNN iReport

CNN PRODUCER NOTE     Shannon Snyder didn’t expect to see an Ebola patient while in Atlanta. The South Florida resident and her family are currently at Emory University Hospital because her father is a patient there. While stepping out of her father’s room Saturday afternoon, which is on the third floor, she noticed two women staring out of a window. Snyder walked over and learned that the women were watching a patient with Ebola being taken out of an ambulance and escorted into the hospital. “I was really amazed. It is like history and I got to witness it,” she said.

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– Jareen, CNN iReport producer

Currently my father is being hospitalized at this very hospital. I stepped out of his room for a minute and I saw two women who informed me of the Ebola patient entering the hospital, so I decided to film it.


10 thoughts on “Ebola patient entrance to Emory University Hospital

  1. I thought this guy was supposed to be separated and quarantined from any people in the area. How the hell did these people from the window get so close to him and take video footage? And notice near the end of the video there is a news person in the upper left hand corner taking video footage without any protection on. WTF???

    This looks staged and we know how notorious CNN is in staging false flag events.

    1. Good eye NC. I just sent Henry basically the same footage pointing out the cameraman standing there without protective gear. That man is a total fool and that is how pandemics start. He has no regard for his family, friends or even for himself. Just to get footage of the arrival of an Ebola patient!

      This is more than likely a false flag. With all the articles coming out, it points directly to being that. I saw on the news this morning that before that doctor arrived in Atlanta, the plane that he was on landed here in New England to refuel in Bangor, Maine.

      But hey, guess what? This is taking the heat off of the border situation.

        1. Haha I know! Hey, what’s going on with the other hand… LOL

          I think there is a lot of confusion being generated by the MSM, I don’t know if they are trying to create panic, distraction or both. Something isn’t adding up.

          1. Both, but mostly distraction for now. The panic part will come later.

            At a most opportune time, no doubt.

          2. I keep getting this sense of déjà vu, back in 2008? When shacasvilli ( the tie eating fool) invaded Georgia, and the CDC was hyping H1N1, or swine flu. This just feels the same. Maybe I’m just tired, but it feels like the same game is being recycled.

          3. That’s what happens when they run out of ideas, Deb. Hollywood does the same thing but they call them remakes aka money making stories. LOL

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