3 thoughts on “Edward Snowden 2021 Will It Be MANDATORY?| It Is HAPPENING NOW!!

  1. A lot of dogs spend a lot of time sleeping.
    Mine probably do when I’m not around as well.
    Being home mostly for winter they don’t, and they’re fun as fk!
    Also, use the butt of your hand as apposed to your knuckles whenever possible!
    Just some truth to override BS that we shouldn’t be too concerned with in the first place.
    FK the propaganda! 🙂

  2. You might could be right. He works for the Jew controlled CIA and makes constant references to the NSA as the culprits… Altogether failing to mention the CIA at all. Beyond the fact that they moved heaven and hell to acquire Assange, and that snowden remains safe in Russia, that’s the only tell I’ve been able to discern.

    That would make him one of the most talented deep state operatives in modern memory.

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