3 thoughts on “Ellen

  1. The ticket: DeGeneres/O’Donnell, 2020. Therein will the revolution be fully realized. The time for hesitancy gone; the moment of action presented. Pride will be prouder than ever. The gayest of times awaits. The rainbow will reveal more of its various colors, shades, and hues. Diversity dances with disarmament and every child gets a pony. Er… I mean a unicorn. Ready the voting booths, the turnout will be larger than ever before. “Ellen and Rosie!” – the cry will go out from Washington all the way to Tel Aviv. While all the while waiting, with eyes sharply focused, deep in the heart of Americana, men and women resolutely rise, rise and take heed of the words of Whitman:

    “To be servile to none, to defer to none …
    To meet enemies undaunted!
    To be entirely alone with them,
    to find how much one can stand! …
    To advance to the muzzles of guns
    with perfect nonchalance!”
    — Walt Whitman, A Song of Joys (excerpts), 1881


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