Emergency center plan being reviewed after minivan death


CINCINNATI (AP) — Cincinnati officials expect to review a plan for improving the city’s emergency center while police finish an internal investigation into the death of a teen who twice called 911 to report he was trapped in a minivan.  

The city’s acting manager says he’ll present City Council members Monday with planned emergency center changes after the failed response to 16-year-old Kyle Plush’s calls for help on April 10. Cincinnati police say Chief Eliot Isaac will release results Wednesday of their probe into what went wrong in efforts to locate the teenager, who was asphyxiated after being trapped by the rear seat as he apparently tried to reach for tennis gear.

Kyle’s father found his body nearly six hours after he first called 911, saying he was “going to die.”


One thought on “Emergency center plan being reviewed after minivan death

  1. Cops couldn’t find him, but the family did.

    They will get off with no repercussions, they were just doing their jobs, blah, blah, blah…

    You want change? Fire your lazy, incompetent cops AND dispatchers. Then hold them all on charges of manslaughter.

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